Thursday, August 31, 2006

Feeling even stronger

Another 6 hours sleep in the bag!  I'm on a roll.   And the best thing is that it didn't take me as long at all to fall asleep - probably half an hour.  Its like - because I slept better on Wednesday night, I stressed less about falling asleep last night - and because I stressed less about falling asleep, I fell asleep quicker!!!  (Probably doesn't make sense to anyone but me).  Another thing I'm trialling is staying up later.  Supposedly if you stay up past when you feel like going to bed, ie wait until you are suuuuuuper tired, you will get to sleep sooner.  So I stayed up until 10.15 last night! (yeah I know - what a rebel huh?) and it seemed to work.

My afternoon trip to the gym was great.  I really enjoyed training at a different time - and I DID have more energy.  Two problems though - 1; because I'd been drinking water throughout the day I could feel it slushing around in my stomach while I was jogging, making my stomach feel a bit yuk.  I pressed on though.  And 2; I forgot that when I train in the afternoon that my eye makeup slides down my face!!  Talk about "panda eyes" when I was finished!!  Eye makeup is pretty much the only makeup I wear, apart from a little loose powder to take the shine off.  (Cant stand the feeling of foundation, makes me feel like my skin is choking).  Anyway, I forgot that I would need to take it off.  Lesson learned!

This morning was legs, caught myself a couple of times saying to myself 'I hate leg day' - I dont know why this is... some weeks I love training legs, other weeks I dont enjoy it.  Anyway, its done now for another week.

So I'm feeling great.  Went to a work morning tea today - lots of junk food lying around, but I didn't have any, and actually didn't even want it.  The more you say "no", the easier it is to keep saying "no".  I love feeling so in control!!


Janew said...

Hi Hilary! just stopping by to have a read of your blog :) I also love the feeling of control over food...and like you said the more you say 'no' the easier it is!and people also get use to you saying no and stop offering!!
Good luck and success in your training! (and sleep)
Jane :)

Rebecca said...

Hi Hilary, glad to see that you are getting back into a good sleeping routine. Maybe you should have a baby!! I never have a problem sleeping now! Lol.

I used to love training in the avo, but having Brooke means early mornings now. You are so lucky you can chose.

Have a fab end to the week!

Jehanne said...

Glad to hear that you have managed to finally get some sleep, I know just how incredibly frustrating that it can be when you just wont nod off - despite being zombi like...

Splice said...

You crack me up big time Panda eyes lmao.
I shouldn't laugh but it was a great and funny post.
Im glad you getting sleep now rebel!
Take care.

Hilary said...

Thanks Jane - its a great feeling having that control isn't it? I'm loving it! Thanks for stopping by!

Rebecca I nearly fell over when I read your comment! A baby isn't really in the plan for me, but you know what they say: never say never!

Jeh its so frustrating isn't it?! Makes it even harder to get to sleep when you're stressing about it. Glad I seem to have broken the viscious cycle...

Glad I could make you laugh Deb! Panda eyes isn't pretty - I wondered why everyone was looking at me 'funny' when I finished!

Hilary xx

Amy said...

Hi Hilary- so good to hear you are starting to get sleep again. You are definately sounding a lot more positive. I was at the gym the other day and did an rpm class. When I came out i was wondering why everyone was looking at me funny. I got to the car to find my eye makeup everywhere. Quite funny!!

Hilary said...

LOL Amy!!! Pretty funny at the time isn't it?? Those rpm classes are a killer - dont know how you do it!

Hilary xx

Ali said...

Hilary it is great to read that you have been getting sleep, makes such a difference to everything doesn't it!!

Enjoy training at your new time, have a great weekend

ali xxx

Cherie said...

Hi Hilary, It's great to hear that you are feeling much better and sleeping better too!! Haha, "panda eyes" LMAO, I could just imagine that too! And it's great to hear you said "No" to the junk can be say hard sometimes but once all the food is gone you feel good that you didn't give in to temptation!

Take care ;o)

CJ said...

I love it when I feel in control too but then I have days when its sooo hard. Lately it seems that I'm always thinking of food, especially carbs.

Have a good weekend!

Andj said...

Not sleeping would drive me crazy!! You are doing well to manage life with such little amounts of sleep.
Time to get some waterproof mascara for you I think.
Have a good weekend,

Shar said...


So good that you are sleeping, I just love my bed, my sleep, I am a true nightmere without it !

I did have a spell of about two months where I just couldn't get to sleep, for about two hours I would lay there!, then I found out I was preggers! the doctor said it was just my body adjusting to the hormones?

No chance of that ever again though!

I hope you continue to sleep well and train well!!

Shar x

Selina said...

ohhh I bet you are feeling quite well rested now after the lack of it lately!!
I think you'd look like a cute lil panda :P LoL
Enjoy your weekend, hope u get some R&R with all the house goings-on!