Wednesday, August 23, 2006

sleep deprived

Hmmmm.... sleep.... whats that?  I havent had much of that for a while, my mind is just a whirl of thoughts and i dont seem to have an "off" switch.  I think I'm lucky to get about 4 hours sleep per night, and even then its more like a doze than a sleep.  Cant remember the last time I woke up and felt refreshed.  I've got a dull ache behind my eyes, which at the moment feel like they can barely open, but the mind is always active...

think I need to learn to meditate or something.  Why oh why wont my stupid brain shut up??!!  Anyone have any suggestions? 

Well, the puffy lip thing continues.  I thought I'd figured it out on the weekend when one night I had half a glass of vodka, and the next morning my mouth was puffy again. So I havent had any more vodka, and for the last three days in a row I've gotten up with puffy lips again, which now keep splitting and bleeding on the inside.  So I think its just stress related.  I hope it goes away soon.

So I feel like we're just marking time at the moment.  We cant move on until our house sells.  I'm sure it will happen, its just going to drive me crazy until it does!!

I've started a different weight training programme this week - just 'borrowed' a 4 day training split from "Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle" - so far so good, I love a change in routine.  Energy has been low due to lack of sleep, but I'm still getting muscle soreness, so I'm happy enough.  Tomorrow is legs!!  i'm a bit scared!

Had a chiropractic adjustment this morning, my chiro is fantastic, he's adjusted everything this morning, even my feet, and he said that this should help my body cope a bit better under all the stress.  Bring on some sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sorry for the whinge.  I sound like a bit of a basket-case dont I !!! hehehe


Splice said...

Poor Hilary :-(
I would cut back on all caffaine, increase cardio, perhaps two sessions and drink camomile tea before bed.
Grab a mind numbing novel and read for about 45mins, then close your eyes and sleep (hopefully).
Now about those lips of yours, I would put some vasoline on them.
Hopefully with a good nights sleep you will be feeling better soon.
Deb xxx

Selina said...

Hey Hilary! Too long since I've visited your blog :)
First of all, hope everything works out with all the moving. Try not to stress too much about these things - things you have no control over. :) Nice vege garden growths by the way!! You must be having some awesome salads!!
I don't know how you function on such little sleep, which is why it must be catching up with you. I've had many stress-related issues including lack of sleep and a professional put me onto a relaxation tape. I was sceptical, but OMG it works a treat. Mine is her taped voice relating to my stresses etc, it's pretty muchly hypnotism actually. After doing the relaxation steps, count into the trace, 'plant' ideas in head, then count out of the trance. I'm lucky to get through it, without falling asleep.
So along with Deb's ideas, maybe you could start with something like that, just pick up a relaxation tape to listen to on your walkman each evening???
HOpe things settle down for you... hang in there, it's nearly the weekend :)

Michelle said...

I would see a dr. about that lip thing! You're starting to approach the one week mark aren't you?

I'm sure the stress of this is only adding to your hectice schedule right now - with both houses work and everything else in life.

Now wonder you can't sleep!

Xx - Michelle

Rebecca said...

Hi Hilary, I hope you get a good night's sleep tonight. Poor thing. I remember when I was at uni many years ago, I was really stressed and ended up getting hives. The first place that they started was on my upper lip. So it could be stress. Just take deep breaths and focus on the good things happening.

Feel better soon :)

Kerry said...

I agree with Michelle and Selina, Hilary.
It sounds like the stress of the house thing is affecting you physically, so you should see a professional about it.
Take care and don't over do things.

Tracey said...

There is nothing worse then being stressed & sleep deprived. Hope you got some rest last night.

jaime-lee said...

hun been there before! no sleep that is. Try some Valerian, a natural rememdy from the Health food store. And Walnuts are apparently good before bed, has some magic remedy in them that makes you tired.

Or do what I did, the old wives tale that seems to work for me....COUNT SHEEP! to steer your mind from thoughts.....that will surely make you tired!


Ali said...

Ow Hilary, sorry to hear that your sleeping isn't getting any better, I thought about meditation when I first read you were having trouble, learning to meditate certainly helped with my sleeping patterns, you can get valerian combined with kava from health food stores as well, that has also helped me,
I agree with the other girls, maybe going to the Dr. in relation to your lips would be very beneficial, if nothing else it might rule out some things.
Hang in there and try to have a wonderful relaxing weekend!!
Ali xxx