Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Shin splints...

... is what I've got.  Used to suffer from them big time about 10 years ago - havent had them much since... until yesterday.

I think I did the damage when I took the dogs for a power walk on Sunday - my legs felt like rubber - like I couldn't get any speed happening.  In fact Elke was pretty much dragging me along for the last hundred metres or so!!  Then yesterday I did a leg workout, and increased my weights in just about every exercise - felt great at the time, but NOW - while my quads and hamstrings aren't really too sore, my shins are screaming!!  While I was able to jog on the treadmill this morning, when I slowed to a walk, I had to get off, it hurt too much.

I think I'm supposed to use ice on shin splints??

My daily goals seem to be working pretty well... one of today's goal is to drink over 4 litres of water.  Normally I drink at least 3 litres, but I'm striving to do better this week!  I feel so much better when I drink more water, if I dont drink it I wake up in the morning with a terrible dry mouth.  My other daily goals have included not adding any extra food to my meals.  All those little extra's add up - and its surprising how many calories you can save by not adding extra's to your salad (except for mustard of course - lol!!), or not adding a bit of cheese or saying no to a glass of wine!!  Every day I have been able to add a great big TICK to my training diary, so I'm feeling good!

And the best news is I have lost the kilo that I had put on during my week off!!  So now I'm back to where I was a few weeks ago!


Kerryn said...

Hi Hilary,
Shin soreness is very painful. I feel for you. Not sure about the ice. Have had sore chins before myself and it is not a nice thing. Hope they come good soon.

I think I nearly had frost bite on my hands this am. I didn't check the bird bath before I was all dressed ready for the bike. It was frozen solid - should I go or should I stay (hey that sounds like a good song!!) Off I go - OMG my hands half way around the circuit were so cold they were hurting and hurting badly. Never again - always check that bird bath. I was thinking about Cairns all the way around, thinking this time next week I will be walking in warm sunshine - I hope.

Have a great week - exciting news about the new house - don't know about the renovating though - we are doing renovations at work and it is driving me crazy - can't stand the mess everywhere. I guess you just have to think about the end result - it will be worth it (hey a bit like exercise really). Cheers Kerryn

Rebecca said...

Hi Hilary, those shin splints sound very painful. You poor thing. Maybe you need to rest for a day? I found that when I got shin splints a couple of years ago I needed to change my shoes. This really helped. I had x trainers, when I actually needed running shoes! Shocker.

Congratulations on finishing your kitchen too. And on the new house. Good luck selling the current one. It is fabulous to have interest already. Yay!

Chat soon
Rebecca :)

Jodi said...

Shoes can definately add to stress on the shins, have you changed your shoes lately??

I hope you sell your house quickly with minimal stress, the new kitchen looks awesome!!!

All those little extra's add up don't they??? I'm like that with nuts - if there are nuts in the house it drives me crazy because I know I always eat a few too many!! and they are soooo calorie dense!

Good luck with your list - I have been 4 weeks without a glass of red!!!! Yipee!!!

Kelly said...

I used to get shin splints when I was 15-16 from netball on ashalpt courts. I had an old man (lol) rub them, seemed to do the trick!!! New house.... so exciting!!!! I love new things :)

Michelle said...

Still loving mustard I see - LOL!

I agree with everyone else on the shoes and socks - can't stress the importance of quality socks either!!!

With all the miles we log - anything to "cushion" will help!

Enjoy my shakes - for now:)

Xx - Michelle

Tracey said...

Jodi took the words right out of my mouth. Shoes it is that causes the shin splints. You need new shoes if u are getting them, I am really bad & tend to only change my shoes when I get shin splints. But this is my indicator. I still wear the old ones not that they are old cause I will wear them until they have holes in them or just about fall apart on my feet.

Hope ur legs are feeling better soon. Congradulations on ur achievement, makes you feel 100% better for it.

little rene said...

Hey Hilary,
I used to attempt to exercise with a friend who got shin splints every time she walked with me! She never, ever suffered from them at any other time so we had to can our sessions!
fantastic to hear that you have gone down a kilo. Obviously those mini goals are really working for you! You have certainly inspired me to stop thinking about "12 weeks challenges" and just focus on the little day to day things that I can control. So thanks! :)

jaime-lee said...

Hilary dogs are the best when you really dont wana go for a walk and cant be bothered doing much, then you look at their sad faces "walk me mummy" and then their so excited they walk you!! hahaha I have a BIG Rotti and he is like a bulldozer! pulling me through every tree and making my legs walk faster than my mind!

R.I.C.E those shin splints baby! x x

CJ said...

We've moved back into our newly renovated house and its great. I love how everything looks so new! Mind you, that won't last long.

Take care of those shin splints - they're not nice. Icing does help with the inflammation.

Ali said...

Great that your goals are on track Hilary!!

I sure hope you get those shin splints sorted quickly. have you got new shoes?

You have inspired me to drink more on the weekends :)

Ali xxx

Andj said...

ooohh owww - I used to get them when I played hockey at school.
Remeber the old first aid acronym. R.I.C.E Rest, Ice, compression elevation. That should fix your shin splints. They usually happen from inflammation of the tendons in the shins - kind of like a form of tendonitis. If you run outside try running on the grass - there is less impact and less impact means less force up through your leg and less inflammation.
Hope this HElps!

Sam D-M said...

Hey Hilary,

When I was teaching 13 classes a week I was suffering bad shin splints, they lasted a month. I found it was a combination of tied worn out runners and too much bouncing. Maybe your shoes are due for an update?

Hope they get better soon,
Sam I Am

Splice said...

Hey Hils :-)
Just popped in to see if your feeling any better. Hopefully your not in too much pain.



Hilary said...

Kerryn you are scaring me with visions of running outside in winter! Yeah the renovations are a bit of a pain while they're happening, but you're right - sooo rewarding when its all done!

Thanks Rebecca for the congrats! Its exciting having a new house to 'play' with! Keep your fingers crossed that our house sells quick!

Jodi I cant believe you have been 4 weeks without a glass of red!! I'd be ready to throttle somebody by now if it was me! I hope we sell our house quickly too! :) I dont like this stress.

Kelly I think my shin splits are to do with the way I run/walk. I'm resting them up, so they seem to be coming good.

Michelle, how could I go without mustard? LOL! it just goes without saying that I have mustard on EVERYTHING! By the way, your shakes are great! :-)~

Thanks Tracey - I didn't know that about shoes causing shin splints, might have to invest in a new pair!

Rene its good to hear that I have inspired you to go for the 'little goals' too. It certainly does seem to be working for me at the moment, and its much easier to focus on!

Jaime-Lee thats so funny, my dogs do that too - sooo naughty! But they dont listen to me lol!

Cathy its lovely to live in a nice newly renovated house isnt it? Pity we're not going to be in ours too long... enjoy yours!

Hi Ali - no new shoes, I think it was the hill walking at speed that I did on Sunday that did the damage! Possibly could be that my shoes are too old too...

Thanks Andj, I will definitely use ice - it just seems weird to me though, I'm so used to using deep heat on sore muscles. Resting seems to be helping too...

Thanks Sam, I think I'm going to have to buy some new shoes!!

Hi Deb, legs are feeling much better- thanks for your thoughts!