Thursday, August 10, 2006

Why I love training

I love training, it always makes me feel better!  After feeling so stressed earlier in the week, I had a cracker of a leg session on Wednesday morning, even incorporated some "21's" into my squats, and came home floating on cloud nine!!  I was feeling so much better that I have decided that exercise is definetely the best medicine for me.  My mood improves, I start the day with a spring in my step, and if I get it done bright and early, then theres ONE less thing to think about at the moment!! LOL!

I'd never done "21's" on legs before, I've only ever done it with barbell bicep curls - but it got my heart rate up to 165bpm!  Basically you do 21 reps - 7 reps from the start point to midway, 7 reps from the midway point to the bottom, then 7 reps of the full range of movement.  All of that equals ONE set!!  I did 3 sets of barbell squats... ooooh that middle 7 is the KILLER - can you feel the burn????  Love it!

My legs are sore today, but I'm not crippled.  More 21's tomorrow on bicep curls!  Yippeee!  I've just thrown these in this week for a change, make it a little more interesting.

Anyway, I've got my 'moving/selling house' list together so I can stop stressing... hopefully.  Actually my list is a book.  I keep thinking of stuff to do, so I'm carrying the book with me everywhere, and when I think of stuff, well, into the book it goes.  I'm slowly crossing things off the list too - got the mail redirected today, cross that one off.   Seems to be working - each night I seem to be getting one more hour's sleep than the night before.  So on Monday night I got 4 hours, Tuesday was 5 hours, last night was 6 hours - so I'm looking forward to a big 7 hours tonight!!  Woohoo!  heheheh

Weekend will be busy - we've got a surprise birthday dinner to go to on Friday night, Saturday I'm hoping to get my hair trimmed, cleaning, groceries etc then packing boxes, then we're having some friends over for a BBQ as a sort of a "house cooling" party (ie the opposite of a house warming), Sunday will probably be moving boxes - and Monday - well that's my Ekka public holiday - so I'll probably spend it packing and moving boxes!!  Yay for me.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday, and a wonderful weekend!


Kelly said...

You are a busy little beaver. Cudoo's for organisation and training.

Jodi said...

I have done 21's for my shoulders and it absolutely killed so I can't imagine how you legs felt!! You must have been absolutely shattered!!!! Training is the best stress buster isn't it? Glad to see your feeling a little less stressed now. Hope you can walk tomorrow!!!

CJ said...

Have agreat weekend Hilary. We are off to Sydney for the weekend - to do the City to Surf run but also do some shopping and have some R'n'R.

Selina said...

21's are killers!!!!!!!!! I'm scared of them, they hurt too much! lol
You're BBQ will be quite cool I dare say! It's absolutely freezing up here at the moment, I can only imagine how much worse it is down there :)
Oh and your vege garden sounds devine!!! I've always wanted one of them, but no green thumbs on my hands!!
Enjoy your busy weekend!!

Sam D-M said...

I am glad to hear i am not alone on the packing front this weekend.

Your leg workout sounds like it rocked, I am doing legs tonight :-(

Enjoy the bbq and surprise dinner!


Kaddy said...

floating on cloud nine.... ?? sure u werent dizzy from all the hard work??? lmao jk!

Splice said...

I remember when I lived in Canberra I used to train with a nice guy Michael. He introduced me to 21's. But he called them "ugly's". He would say "let's go do some ugly's", grrrr, I hated them lol.
I dont know if they are any good for gaining muscle size though. Better for toning I would think.

Don't stress to much about the move, it looks like you have everything under control, you seem so organized :-)

Andj said...

Those 21's sound good. A bit like what they do in body pump.
Sent you an email too!

Cate said...

Wow - and you're still walking? I'm very impressed!

Have a great weekend Hilary & hope your move is a smooth one.


jaime-lee said...

YehBaByyyy training makes us feel killllllla mateee! (half Ozzy/half wogg lingo) ; )

mmmm but I must admit lately its been taking its toll......less cards the harder! ; )

have a good one!....time 4 a coffee ; ))

Michelle said...

Oh my LORD - 21's on the squat rack?!!!!!

Sounds AWFUL! I MUST do this - LOL!!

Xx - Michelle

Ali said...

Great to hear you loving your training, it is a good feeling after isn't it?

Hope you had an awesome weekend and that you have a great week, good luck with the moving!!

ali xxx

Hilary said...

Thanks Kelly, I'm not really that organised, but a list does make me feel better!

Jodi 21's on shoulders would be awesome! Might have to try these! Yeah training does seem to lift the mood and alleviate stress, what a great reason to keep training!

Cathy hope you enjoyed your time in Sydney, hope you had fun with the City to Surf!

Selina the weather for the BBQ was a bit cool - we got the braziers going out on the deck so we all huddled around LOL!

Sam how annoying is packing and moving house?!! Not one of my favourite jobs I have to say. That leg workout DID rock!

Kat I WAS feeling great after that workout - not very often I get a buzz like that, but my mood definetely lifted straight after training - must be those endorphins...?

Deb I had to laugh at calling 21's "uglys"! so true! One of those lovely exercises I love to hate, but good to throw in every now and then just to mix things up a little.

Thanks Andj!

Thanks Cate, no move yet though. Still got to sell this bloody house!!

Jaime-Lee enjoy that lovely coffee! Love how good a great training session makes you feel!

Michelle, yup, 21's on squats... sounded awful to me too, so I had to give it a go!

Thanks Ali - hope you had a good one too! By the way, I'm loving your jelly/cottage cheese snack - making it every week!