Saturday, August 19, 2006


Well I havent been around much lately, there is so much happening at the moment, but I've got no news to report!!

This week I've been training pretty hard, sore muscles every day which I'm loving. I'm in a 'muscle growing' phase at the moment, so I've changed things up a little. I'm having a hard time adjusting to having a few more calories on my lifting days, actually it scares me a bit. I have always weight trained on an empty stomach (at 5.30am) and now I've started having a protein shake with skim milk before training (with glutamine), and it feels weird!!!

Speaking of weird: after our BBQ last Saturday night I woke up on Sunday and my mouth felt raw inside, the way your tongue feels after you eat something thats too hot. Anyway, my the whole inside of mouth felt 'burnt'. It got better after a few days. Then on Wednesday I woke up at my usual time, half asleep getting dressed in the bathroom, when I looked up into the mirror and my lips were really puffy! Like hello - HUGE Angelina Jolie lips! What the...! They were so puffed up that the skin was smooth and tight, top and bottom - which caused the skin to split and bleed. Hmmmmmm. I trained anyway (although I must have looked pretty funny!!), and by the time I got home from gym they had gone down a bit. For the rest of the week my lips have been stinging and burning, but thankfully no longer puffy!

I assume I've eaten/drunk something that has reacted with my lips, but who knows what!! I have not eaten anything unusual. They seem to be slowly getting better, but its been very annoying!

We had an open house this morning, so we packed the two dogs and the cat up and took them to "survey" the new house. They had a ball. It still doesn't feel like home yet! I guess it wont until we actually move in.

Anyway, thats all folks. Happy Saturday!


CJ said...

I hope your lips are feeling much better though mind you, there are women who would probably pay $$$ for puffy lips!!!

Amy said...

Ouch- sounds painful. Glad they are getting better. I like training on an empty stomach otherwise i feel sick- it is something to get use to isn't it.
Hope your house sells.

Love amy

Hilary said...

You're right Cathy, a lot of women would pay for big lips! Mine are 'full' to start with, so you can imagine how funny I looked!

Hi Amy, you do get used to training on an empty stomach dont you. It is strange to eat beforehand!

Splice said...

You weight trained on an empty stomach? Naughty, naughty, naughty!!
I am so glad your not doing that anymore, you will have noticable increases now ;-)

Hope your lips are better now, did you get sunburnt?


Sam D-M said...

Hilary, thats the strangest thing ever! Do you know if your allergic to anything that might have caused it?

It happened to me once when i was a kid, i am allergic to penicilin, of course havent had since!


Rebecca said...

Hope you are feeling better Hilary, you poor chicken. Hang in there, winter is almost over. It is supposed to be 30 degrees in Brisbane tomorrow!!