Monday, August 28, 2006

Turning over a new leaf

Ok I've had enough of worrying and not sleeping, so I've decided to turn over a new leaf - starting now.  I bought a book on Sunday called "Why you cant afford the luxury of a negative thought" - I've only read a little way through it, but already I can feel a difference in my attitude.  My daily goals are back in place, so watch out - I'm going to be back to my old self in no time!!!

So I had the last of my non-sleeping nights last night, tonight I'm going to sleep like a log.  I refuse to go on like this anymore! :)  On Saturday night I thought I would try the old knock-myself-out-with-alcohol-trick.... I drank an entire bottle of champagne myself - and STILL had a restless sleep.  Surprisingly I didn't feel drunk, and I didn't have a hangover on Sunday either, just achey joints. 

I have a meditation CD that I've put onto my ipod, so I'm going to give that a go if things dont settle down soon.

We had an open house on Saturday morning, and would you believe - we had nobody turn up... grrrrrr.... never mind, the right person will come along soon.  Still we had two separate groups come through the house over the rest of the weekend, but no bites yet.

Puffy-lips has stopped - I think I know the culprit... the glutamine that I'd started taking.  As soon as I stopped taking it, the puffy lips stopped.  When things are settled down again I will give it another try though, just to make sure.  At least thats one less thing to think about!

Anyway, I'm back on track and ready to have a KICK BUTT week!  I will be back later tonight to read what everyone has been up to!


Carolyn said...

Hi Hilary!
I hate those "no sleep" nights too! I have them from time to time, but find that I am avoiding them by telling myself that I am going to sleep well as well! Also, I have been having a chamomile tea each night just before bed, which seems to put me in the sleepy mood.

And - if I still can't sleep, I get up and write lists, so I know I have written everything down and am not going to forget about it. That usually fixes it, and I crash out afterwards.

Hope all goes well for you for a good night's shut-eye!

RaeC said...

Glutamine made your lips puffy??? I've never heard of that side-effect before because it is an amino acid that is actually produced by the body. Were you using a flavoured one? Just so I know which one to stay away from is all!! Sheesh girl... be careful when you take it again to see if it is in fact the culprit. But then again, it's probably better than collagen, not that you need it with your gorgeous full lips... maybe I should start taking the glutamine... LOL!!

I hope you catch up on some sleep soon honey!!

Love Rae xxx

Hilary said...

Thanks Carolyn I must get some chamomile tea... I used to drink it a lot for stress. Might try some warm milk too.

Hi Rae! I'm thinking its because I got the glutamine in tablet form, perhaps there's something in the tablet thats doing it (ie not the glutamine) - I'll try it again when my life is less intense, just to make sure!

Hilary xx

Kelly said...

Hi Hilary,
Did you sleep lat night?
I used to have the sleepless night thing too and mine was all stress. One night I even dreampt of cooking a student in the oven!!!LOL

I saw a counsellor and he recommending getting up after 20mins if you can't sleep and then doing something really boring and then trying again to sleep after 30mins. It seemed to work for me.

Hope all is well and i'd love to buy your house... (if only I lived in QLD!!) :))
It would be warmer than here!


Cate said...

Hilary - I just read the comment you left on Carolyn's blog re your passport. Come & visit here in NZ - I'll look after you & you can christen your unused passport!!


Hilary said...

Hi Kelly! Thanks for the sleeping tip (and no I'm still not sleeping) - I know I should get up when I cant sleep, but I feel like I'm letting my mind WIN if I do this - so I fight it and perservere and get more and more uptight! I'm going to try some peppermint tea tonight and see if that helps.

Hi Cate, well I'd love to come and visit in NZ, BF and I have always wanted to go do the 'adventure' thing and ski and bungee etc - will do it one day - if this house ever sells!

Hilary xx

CJ said...

I hope your kick butt week is going well! I am trying to get my nutrition back on track this week becasue it went all over the place on the weekend - started with carrot cake and finished with chocolate biscuits, and there was Chinese food in between. So I'm having a 'fat' week!

Have a good one!

Ali said...

That's the attitude! ;)

Hope you get a lot out of your book, great title.

Those meditation CD's can be awesome, remember if they don't help let me know and I'll send you mine.

good luck with everything!!

Ali xxx

Cherie said...

Hi Hilary,
Sounds like you've been in the wars, what with no sleep and having puffy lips!!

I hope you are catching up on your sleep (did you sleep all night last night?) and hopefully it is the brand of glutamine you are using that is causing your puffy lips...otherwise you'll be hunting around for the puffy-lip-culprit!!

My friend had used meditation for her sleep problems and they improved so hopefully it works for you.

;o( Hopefully you have luck with selling your house soon.

Have a great week and make sure you keep telling yourself to sleep like a log!


Splice said...

So you tried to drink yourself to sleep did ya? Will you didn't drink enough lol....kidding ;-)

I just wanted to mention something about the meditation you are thinking of trying. It is a good way to relax but it is important that you don't fall asleep whilst meditating, be sure to finish it first and then go to sleep.
I don't really want to get into the reason behind that right now, but just trust me on that one.

Hope you get a bite on your house soon, it us 15 months to sell our home in Canberra....grrrr it was disheartening at times. But it will happen, it always does :-)

Hilary said...

Cathy I hope your "fat" week gets better! Nothing worse than that feeling...

Thanks Ali, I'll let you know if I need the added help of your tape. Things seem to be coming together, so send me some positive vibes!

Thanks Cherie, the positive thinking is working a treat! Thanks for your thoughts - and yes I slept better thanks!

Wow Deb 15 months to sell a house must have been sooo stressful! I'm trying not to hyperventilate after one month! Will keep that in mind about the meditating too - thanks lovey :)

Hilary xx

Hilds said...

Hi Hilary,

Sound like you have heaps on your mind but looks like your getting back on track, I hope your sleeping like a baby soon. Hey just wanted to know who the author of the book your reading is, it sounds interesting.

Thanks Hilds