Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Well - long time, no post!!  I'm a huge ball of stress here at the moment, luckily the buying of the new house all went through without a hitch, so we are now the proud owners of two houses ( = two mortgages) until our current house is sold.

I'm stressed because we actually have a contract of sale on our house, and the finance/unconditional date for the guy was yesterday, and we dont really know whats going on, this guy is waiting to hear what is happening with the buyer of HIS house!  Anyway, so we were planning on starting to move house over the next two weeks, but now I dont know what we're doing, because we dont want to move the furniture out of our current house until its sold (a house with no furniture is quite difficult to sell!).

So I'm trying not to worry about it too much, but I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment!  There are also a million other things running through my mind at the moment, all those fabulous things you have to remember to do when you move house... so I'm writing a list.  Get the phone connected, put the electricity in our names, change home insurance, change car insurance, get the mail redirected, get broadband set up on the phone line, fix the fence before the dogs move in etc etc...  I have been lying awake at night with all these thoughts just churning through my mind... grrrr sometimes I just can switch my brain off!!~!!

We went to the new house on the weekend (its only the next suburb over) and I got to explore the vege garden - its HUGE!  I will have to post a pic (before it gets demolished to accommodate a new shed).  This vege garden is quite run down, but even so, there are huge cauliflowers, broccoli, carrott, tomato, capsicum, about 3 HUGE chilli trees, passionfruit, pineapple, mulberries, lemons, pawpaw, beans, spinnach, lettuce and cabbage, onion and shallots!  Because its been uncared for, a lot it has 'gone to seed' - but a lot of it is quite edible, and I'm so excited!!  BF has marked off an area where we will transplant some of the vege garden into (so that he can build his shed) - but I'm a bit concerned about moving it, because I reckon it will all die if we move it.   Also, I'm no gardener, and I have no idea how to keep vegetables alive.  It makes it even harder now that we cant use a hose to water (drought) - so I carried many bucket-loads of water to it on the weekend!  Oh well its all good exercise!

Last night the Real Estate shouted us to Gold Class movies, so we got to see Miami Vice, and were wined and dined - it was lovely!  I wouldn't really recommend the movie though - it was 2 hours long and I have to say it was pretty boring!  Even BF yawned all the way through!


Rebecca said...

Hi Hilary,

It sounds as though you have a lot happening at the moment. I have recently sold my house and also know how stressful it can be just 'waiting'. Ah!!

Good luck with the move though,I would say write a list for sure. I am a huge list writer, as then I don't stay awake thinking about it. Often I have post its everywhere with reminders. Shocker! I still have pregnant brain I think.

Hang in there and try to get some rest if you can.

Rebecca :)

Andj said...

Cool a vege garden. I would love a vege garden but just cant seem to find the right spot in our garden. I have settled for pots of herbs instead.
It will all come together Hils!

Splice said...

Oh boy do i know what your going through. We sold up and moved here a little under a year ago, it is a big thing.
But dont stress hunny bunny :-), it will all work out for you.
Did you mention chilli plants? I have to come over and help you harvest lol.
Keep us posted.
Good luck with everything.

Jehanne said...

haha, I have to leave a note pad and paper by my bed so that if I think of something I can write it down and then forget about it in peace. Otherwise I keep thinking I am going to forget and I cant switch off!

Ali said...

Ow Your vegiie garden sounds awesome!!! I envy what you can grow up there all year round!! :)the frost affects what I grow in mine!

Good luck with the selling of your house, take care and try not to stress to much, a list is a great idea!!

Ali xxx

Antigone said...

Honey i have my fingers and toes crossed for you and hope all goes well with the sale of your house:)
Good luck with moving! hehe you will need it LOL i so hate moving house all those boxes!

Hilary said...

Thanks Rebecca, its such an eventful time, I've got such a huge 'to-do' list! Love the idea of post-it notes everywhere!!

Andj the vege garden is very cool, but I'm not sure how to look after it!! Need to get myself a book on gardening I think!

Deb we have HUGE chilli TREES at the new place, feel free to come and take some away... we dont even eat chilli!

Jeh I do that sometimes too, and it does help. I hate it when the brain just wont switch off... so annoying and frustrating!

Ali I dont envy you with those Canberra frosts. I have trouble enough keeping anything alive in the warm weather, imagine how hard it would be in the cold!

Thanks Em - I hate moving too! Its amazing how much junk accumulates over a couple of years, time for a big spring clean I think!

Hilary xx

jaime-lee said...

wow wine'ing and dining...uuuhhhh OK WAKE UP JAIME...hahah im more like whining and dodging social events to get this tousch firm! lol

hope we can meet at the National Hilary! and i would love to go drink all the wine in Melbourne! lol

oh and stress less babz, it will happen, and everything will come together....stress is wasted energy!

have a great week x

Kerry said...

It's all about water, Hilary. That's how you keep the veggies alive.
Lists are the best thing but don't make them too long. Four or five things at a time is plenty, that way you can always see the light at the end of the tunnel.
good luck

Cate said...

HI Hilary,

we moved 13 times in 10 years back in Australia (hubby's a builder - what can I say?) & yes it IS stressful. The move from OZ to NZ was even more so!

The only way I cope is to do what Jehanne said - have the paper & pen by the bed - otherwise the brain runs rampant all night.

Look at the positives though - moving is the best time to de-clutter & get rid of heaps of "stuff" - enjoy!
Cate :-)

Hilary said...

HI Jaime Lee - not sure if I can make it to Nationals, but if I do I will definetely celebrate with some wine with you!

Thanks Kerry - sounds simple, but even when I water plants they seem to die!! Maybe I give them too much, too often... not sure!

Wow Cate I cant believe how many times you have moved! My partner is a carpenter, so I know what you mean! Renovate and move on, then renovate the next one...

Jodi said...

Oh you poor thing Hilary!!!! I hope the sale of you house is successful!!!!

On the upside you have a veggie garden WOO HOO!! I would be over the moon about that!!! I have always wanted my own veggie patch!!!! You will have to show us the progress pics of before, planted and fully grown!!!! Lots of work for you in the next couple of months!!!!

Bet you have had a glass or two of red with all that stress!!!

CJ said...

I know exactly how you feel at the moment Hilary - I am tired, irritable, stressed and so need a holiday! We have just moved back to our newly renovated house but its just been a lot of hard work and we are still clearing out clutter and working out where everything will go, and having garage sales and all that!

little rene said...

Hi Hilary,
I am feeling exactly the same as cj I am afraid! Hopefully this stressful time for all of us will pass!

Michelle said...

Buying a house and moving is such a CRAZY time - so many details!!!!

Gardening is easy though - and VERY rewardig - you get to watch all your little "seeds" grow "up"...

Not to mention their DELICIOUS demise - LOL!!

Nothing is better than fresh - and fresh from your own your yard - that you created is simply the BEST!!

I hope BF will save you a small patch of space so you can create your own feasts!!!

XX - Michelle