Thursday, August 03, 2006

Not much happening

Not a lot happening in my world at the moment!!

I have banned myself from using the treadmill at the gym, in the hope that my shin splints will ease up (and they seem to be).  I have discovered that there are a few different types of shin splints, depending on whether the pain is on the outside or the inside of the shin.  I always thought that there was only one type, which is the pain on the outside of the shin (anterior) - because thats the only side I have ever got them!

Well anterior shin splints apparently can be caused by a few things, running on the toes (guilty!), walking up hill (guilty on Sunday), walking faster than normal (guilty on Sunday - Elke was pulling me along) - also I have always had a problem with walking on the outside edges of my feet (think this is called pronate)... and of course having old running shoes doesnt help! 

So at the very least I should be able to buy myself a new pair of runners... in the interests of better health!  (hey that's a great excuse! - honey I need new shoes!!)

Eating and training are going well, sleep seems to be my biggest problem at the moment.  Its super stressful buying AND selling a house at the same time, and my sleep seems to be a bit disrupted. This morning when the alarm went off I discovered I had a dead arm (must have slept on it funny) so I rolled over and started flapping my arm all over the place, trying to find the damn alarm clock... no feeling in the hand at all... hehehee I had to chuckle, despite myself.  Finally managed to find the off switch!

One more day until the weekend!  I need a sleep in!


Jehanne said...

That whole 'dead' arm thing is kinda scarey when you are not expecting it hey!!! hehe

Carolyn said...

Hi Hilary!

I used to get bad shin splints - I bought some new shoes with lots of padding in them, which helped immensely. I recommend investing!

Also if it keeps up, maybe visit a podiatrist - I had to do this as well, and now wear orthotic inserts in my shoes. Tried to do without them when I bought my new shoes - ouchy! However, I tend to roll inwards so need the inserts to hold up the arches. Had to do some surgery on my new runners - now I have half the innersole that came with the shoe, and my orthotic. What a combo!

CJ said...

I am so looking forward to the weekend and a sleep-in however it won't happen until Sunday. We are having a garage sale on Saturday so no doubt will have people knocking on our door at 6am!

A good pair of runners will help with the shin splints and the over-pronation. Its worth spending the money to get a decent pair of shoes.

Have a good weekend.

little rene said...

Oh Hilary,
You just made me laugh remebering the times that I have had a "dead" hand and tried to turn the alarm clock off with what felt like a big stump of wood!
Hope your shins get better, give them a bit of lovin', maybe a massage!

Rebecca said...

Hi there,

I love the excuse for new shoes!! I LOVE shopping, so bring it on. Plus you are helping your health, he, he. Good luck with all the house stuff too, you current one will sell, it sometimes just takes time (like weight loss!).


Rebecca :)

Ali said...

have you got your new shoes ??

Ow how annoying and funny when you wake up to find bits still asleep! I often wake up and my hands are numb, doesn't hurt just annoying.

Good luck with selling your house!

Have a great weekend and I too will remember to drink all my water on the weekend.

Ali xxx

Hilary said...

Jeh its funny when you get a dead arm isn't it? Makes it hard to do things in a hurry!

Thanks for the info Carolyn - I do have some arch insoles that I may have to put into my shoes, I'll try it and see if it helps!

Cathy I hope you enjoyed your sleep in this morning! Hope the garage sale went well too.

Thanks Rene, I've been doing the shin massage but it HURTS so much! I think its on the mend though.

Rebecca it sounds like you and me both dont need an excuse to buy new shoes!! LOL! Might have to plan a visit to the Nike discount outlet again and get some new ones.

Hey Ali - hope you got all your water in this weekend! I was a bit slack on Sat. but trying to make up for it today.

Hilary xx

Tracey said...

Hilary, always an excuse around to why you need to purchase new runners, don't need to wait for the shin splints to make an excuse, but the shin splints always makes for the best reason to purchase really, really expensive ones!!

RaeC said...

Shin splints... CRAP!! I hate it when my shins are sore. But it's good to see you are looking on the bright side... a good reason to buy new shoes!!

I laughed myself silly when I read about the dead arm. That happened to me when I stayed at Jadey's apartment for the NABBA/WFF comp... I panicked because my arm was dead so I tried to lift it... I did it that hard that my arm flew up over my head and my hand hit the wall with an almighty bang... then I started laughing hysterically... Jadey must have wondered what on earth had gotten into me... LOL!!

I hope you had a lovely weekend!! xxx

Andj said...

Hey Hils,
After yesterday I think I need a new pair of runners as well.
My feet have blisters!
Hope you had a fun weekend moving - think of all that incidental exercise!

Kaddy said...

ohhh i have only ever got the shin splints on the inside.... so there you go, its already been worth me getting out of bed this morning!!

this stretch works! hold on to a pole put your left leg on its tippy toe then bend so your knee is sitting in the back of your right knee and push down so you can feel it stretch, i never get them if i do this stretch but almost always will when i forget@!

Hilary said...

Hi Tracey, yeah I've been eyeing off the runners in the new Rebel Sport catalogue, time for some new ones!! Dont really need an excuse, but its always good to justify it I guess!

Hi Rae - yeah the 'dead arm' thing is not fun is it? Its such a bizarre feeling!

Andj look after those blisters!! You're a star for running that far! We havent moved house yet, still waiting for confirmation that our house has sold. Soon hopefully!

Thanks Kat! I will have to try that stretch out for sure!