Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Treats from the vege garden

This is some of the 'bounty' from the new vege garden! I think the carrots were a bit too small, but I had no idea how big they were until I pulled them out of the ground! Mmmmm mmmm home grown salads for me!!


Jodi said...

That awesome Hilary!!! Fresh veggies from your own garden!!! Your so lucky!!!!

Sorry to hear about the sale of your house falling through....I hope you get another buyer soon....it must be very stressful for your at the moment.

It is harder to drink all your water during winter isn't it?!

Cate said...

What a great haul from your inherited garden!

Sorry about the house falling through Hilary - that is a real bummer & I hope that the right buyer walks through your door this weekend.


Michelle said...

I am SO insanely jealous of your veggies!!!

What a bous from teh previous owners!!!

You make sure that boyfriend let's you keep a small part of the yard for your garden:)

Splice said...

That is sooo awesome. Imagine walking into your backyard to get you veges for dinner lol.
Lucky girl!!

Antigone said...

Fantastic hun, I hope you enjoyed your very fresh salad YUM

Kelly said...

They look so yummy and is that your new shiny kitchen? I'm so sorry 'bout your house falling through. I'm it makes it quite difficult.

The creek-
It's like an ice bath. Most AFL players will walk in the ocean/pool post match to bring any bruising/swelling to the surface. I suppose it's like icing a sore part of your body, but it's an all over treatment. I just go in the creek just up to my belly button. The creek/rivers are quite cool at the moment around here, most of them are run off from the snow. When you first get in it's quite painful, like a million pins hitting your skin for the first 5 minutes, but then you go numb! I've had a tattoo couple of years ago and it reminded me a lot of it. Another option is to run a bath and put ice in it!!! Though I haven't tried that one yet.

Have fun with that veggie garden.


Hilary said...

Thanks Jodi - those veges were great! I'll have to go back and get some more lettuce soon... and keep your fingers crossed for our house!!

Thanks Cate - we can only hope that we have a successful open house this weekend, I just want to move!

Michelle I have already made sure he has fenced me off a space! Nowhere near as big as the current one, but much more manageable. I havent got green thumbs I'm afraid!

Hi Deb, I know, how awesome to have your own grocery store in the backyard! I cant wait to move in!!

Thanks Em, it was quite yummy!

Kelly yes that is my new kitchen! Wow that creek sounds amazing, I had no idea that cool water could do that!

CJ said...

Makes me want to start out vegie garden NOW!

As for the shopping in Sydney - I bought a pair of really nice Diana Ferraris shoes and that's it! Now Strewth - she was a different story!!!!! Still, the weekend was great even though I ate way too much!

Rebecca said...

It looks as though you have been busy in the garden!! What lovely fresh food. Yummy salads.....

Good luck with the house, I know what fun that can be. It will all happen for you soon, just keep writing those lists! lol.

Enjoy the rest of your week
Rebecca :)

Mel said...

I am soo jealous! My mouth is watering now!! hehe


Hilary said...

Cathy I LOVE new shoes!! LOL but what woman doesn't?! Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Thanks Rebecca, actually we have the previous owners of the house to thank for those beautiful veges! Keep your fingers crossed for us about the house!!

Hi Mel, yeah its pretty cool having fresh food at your doorstep, they were pretty tasty too (except for the beetroot!)

Hilary xx

jaime-lee said...

WoW Hilary just beautiful! its like a portrait of health!

Hey we must organise to meet at Nationals? in October, you are in Melbourne right?

Could you tell me the closest place to stay to comp?

have a great week x

Chontelle said...

MMM!!!! Fresh veggies! Very jealous!
Our house had a veggie garden when we moved in, but with our gardening skills (or lack there of) it didn't last that long! :o(

Chontelle xx