Friday, September 08, 2006

Auction results...

Well, the house went to auction last night. The result? NO SALE~!! It was actually quite amusing because there were no bidders there at all - for ANY house! Every single house got passed in! There were more agents there than spectators/vendors!!

So now we advertise with a price - hopefully that helps. Another open house tomorrow, although this one isn't advertised (except on the internet) so I dont hold out a lot of hope that anyone will come!

Wednesday was my last day of training - I actually had to cut my session short that day because my legs turned to jelly, I could barely walk on the treadmill for 10 minutes, so I packed up and went home. Tummy was still not right and I was pretty exhausted, so I thought it might be a good idea to rest until my body can handle it. Going to ease back into it this weekend by taking the dogs for a walk (read: the dogs drag me along for the ride!) and see how I go.

Eats have been 100% - I have not wavered. AND I have not had a drop of alcohol for TWO WEEKS! Quite chuffed with myself LOL! That makes me sound like an alcoholic, but I normally would have a glass or two of wine on Friday and Saturday nights... red wine is my weakness. mmmmmmm-mmmmm. So doing pretty well there. I guess it helps that I have not felt like having wine due to my stomach.

I havent posted a picture for a while so I thought I'd add one of my naughty little siamese cat "Connor" - he has got the loudest (and in BF's opinion - the most annoying) voice in the history of cats... and he's not afraid to use it! Connor is an indoor cat, so he relies heavily on me for amusement and playing (although he is 9 and doesn't play so much any more). He has a cat-door that leads out onto an enclosed deck, so he can eat grass and chase lizards and sun himself and watch the dogs. He loves sitting on my lap, regardless of where I am and what I'm doing, and when I get on the computer he loves nothing better than to stand in front of the monitor so that I cant see what I'm doing! He's my "little man" and I love him to pieces!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Rebecca said...

Hi Hilary,

Sorry to hear about the house auction, that just sux. I think the market is a little slow right now and it takes time to sell, but be patient it WILL happen. Just hang in there hun.

I also think it is important to listen to your body. I feel so fatugued right now too. I have been exercising like crazy and trying to eat well for 12 months now and am so tired. You totally deserve a break so you can come back even stronger. Then there will be no stopping you!!

Hope you have a nice weekend.

Carolyn said...

Hi Hilary!
Connor is just GORGEOUS! Don't you just love it when they insist on being at the centre of your universe when you are trying to do something like work on the computer or read the paper!! I love the fact all my cats have different voices and characters - I am sure Connor has a lovely singing voice LOL!!!

Make sure you take care of yourself and get better before hitting the training too hard! Rest up - you will feel better for it!

Take care

Michelle said...

How "ironic" that NO house had ANY bidders!

Everything happens for a reason - as they say....

Well done on the 2 weeks and no alcohol - my "record" is 3.......

I agree - we sound liek alcoholics when we're so proud of our accomplishments....but a glass of good wine CAN make the meal.......

How the rest serves wyou well!!

XX - Michelle

Hilary said...

Thanks Rebecca, I agree the house market does seem a little slow at the moment, particularly when you are the one selling!! Hope you get some rest too this weekend and come back firing on all cylinders!

Hi Carolyn, Connor actually has a horrible singing voice... imagine a baby wailing, thats him! Oh well they are all different arent they, guess that's why we love 'em!

Thanks Michelle, we DO sound like a bunch of alco's dont we? LOL! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that 2 or 3 weeks is an accomplishment!

Hilary xx

Lia Halsall said...

It's the little successes like not having that alcoholic drink that we'd normally have that makes a differece. And your daily nutrition has been spot on so you should be damn proud of yourself. Keep up the great work Hilary. :o) xo

Cate said...

Hi Hilary,

Conner is a very sophisitcated looking gent! It sounds very much like you need a good rest. Go with the flow!

Also, hope that you have better news on the home front soon.

Selina said...

Damn that with your house!!
Well I guess the saying "Good things come to those who wait" will ring true here :)
Hope you're gettin better and feeling on top of everything again. Good choice to leave the gym when you weren't feeling 100%.

Ali said...

Connor is VERY HANDSOME!! ummm my cat sits in front of the computer monitor as well if she can, or she's taken to sitting on the monitor lately, I suppose because it is warm.

Hope you are feeling all better now, and have a great week

Ali xxx

CJ said...

Sorry to hear about the no shoes/no bids at auction but fingers crossed you'll sell it soon.

Loved th ephoto of Connor - he's gorgeous. Must post a photo of outlittle girl Mia - a 4 yo black cat, who's quite th elittle princess! Though the way sheis moulting at the moment anyone would think we had a wooly mammoth in the house! LOL!

Take care and look after yourself.


little rene said...

I hope that you sell the house soon Hilary! It must be very frustrating!

I love your cat! My husband is a cat hater unfortunately but I am determined that one day I will get one! I want a little Tonkinese cat they are so small and cute :)


Splice said...

The same thing happened with my propery in Canberra. We went to auction and it was passed in. All that expense over nothing. I sympathize with you.
But....the market is due to pick up any time now. Traditionally it picks up in late Sept. Fingers crossed for you hunny bunny.