Friday, September 15, 2006

Step class

Today was a cardio day, and as I walked up the stairs to the gym I caught myself dreading the thought of an hour of cardio with just me, my ipod (which is in serious need of some new tunes) and a treadmill and/or cross trainer...

Soooooo - I did a Body Step class!  Have not done an aerobic class for ages, like years, so it was GREAT!  It was the brand new class too, so luckily it was new to everyone and I didn't feel so un-co.  I have to say though, either this new step tape is easier, or I'm a hell of a lot fitter than I used to be... I kept glancing at my heart rate monitor and I was surprised to see that it was mostly below 160BPM.  Only a couple of times it climed above 170.

Anyway, I enjoyed it so much that the time just flew by.  I'm now planning on re-working my training schedule so that I can do some more classes!  Next on my list might be an RPM class *shudder* - nasty, but a really good workout.  Unfortunately I think I need lots more cardio in my life, so if I can make it as fun as possible then it makes it so much easier.

Got a big day planned for tomorrow... got to get up early-ish (maybe 6.30am... well that IS early for a Saturday) and take the dogs for a walk, then head off to the shops to get the groceries done nice and early.  Then we have the dog-wash man, then an open-house at 3pm.  After that the evening is MINE.... ALL MINE!!  I think my boyfriend is going to some kickboxing on Saturday night... so I'm staying home alone... so here's my plan...

Run a nice hot bubbly bath.
Apply a face-pack and relax in previously mentioned bath
Moisturise and massage aching feet - possibly paint nails
Make a home-made pizza
Enjoy home-made pizza!! (maybe a red wine too)
Get out new release DVD "Pride and Prejudice" which I have wanted to see forever but cannot watch as BF flatly refuses to sit through Jane Austen! hehehe

Relax and enjoy the "me" time - just me, my kitty-cat and the dogs!

Cant wait!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


jodie said...

Step is good for a change. Your legs must be feeling better!! Have a wonderful relaxing weekend!
Talk soon

Jehanne said...

hmmm, thats a good idea, doing some classes for cardio - maybe I should follow suit. I also like the bubble bath idea!!!!

Michelle said...

Your weekend sounds HEAVENLY!!!

And your leg DOMS couldn't be THAT bad if you're enjoying step class already - LOL!!!!!

XX - Michelle

Carolyn said...

What is it with blokes and Jane Austen?

Anyway, I am also a Bodystep fan but my gym doesn't offer it (and the gym that does is a bit expensive). The new Bodyattack is also really fabulous - highly recommended (I am a long time Bodyattack fan...)

Lia Halsall said...

There's nothing like a good pamper session Hilary. Enjoy your special time. :o) xo

Ali said...

Have a great weekend, sounds like you had a wonderful evening planned out for last night, hope it all went to plan.

Let us kow how you find spin/RPM ??


Splice said... was the weekend with the pizza and red wine?
Hope it all went well and wish I was there ;-)

Deb xxx

Jodi said...

Sounds like you had a killer of a session with Sue!!! That would have been awesome.

Sorry to hear that you had no bidders on your house.....crossing everything for you to get a buyer soon.

I went 9 weeks recently without a glass of red - record for me!!!! Had given in a bit over the last couple of weeks but going back to avoiding it again - too addictive!!!

Hope you stomach has settled probably is due to stress, I suffer from IBS so I know exactly how stress can affect the stomach!!!

Cate said...

I love that movie!!! Although I love the BBC series just that little bit more...maybe it's Colin.....

Hope you enjoyed yourself :-)

Cherie said...

hey there,

RPM is a great class....have you done one yet! They kill your legs but is a GREAT workout!! You definately know you've worked out after it!! Let us know how you go when you've done one, that's if you have any energy left to type hehe. Although not a real fan of classes, I do like's the only class I don't look un-co in!! ;o)

Mmmmmmmm, home-made pizza...sounds yummo!

Shar said...

Hey Hilary!

You just know I'm gonna 'big up' the classes especially as I instruct them! :)

I am hoping to do my Bodystep training in Feb, BUT nothing can beat Bodyattack!!! If you want HIT, thats the class to do!

Hope you enjoyed your bubble bath!

Shar x

Selina said...

Hey Hils!
I'm only a week behind ;) but I hope you had a lurvely weekend with the bubbles of both sorts! Hope you got to enjoy something similar last nite as well!!
COme back soon, or are all those step classes wearing you out too much to blog!! ;) hehe