Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Leg Day with Sue!

I trained legs with Sue and I survived!! hehehe maybe I should get a T-shirt printed! LOL!
I had a fantastic day off work yesterday, I took a lovely scenic drive up to Noosa to visit Sue and Jodie. After my bragging last week about how the weather's been 28 degrees and all sun, our lovely "August" westerly winds arrived (a month late) bringing lots of miserable rain and cool weather. Oh-oh! sorry guys...! Strangely though, the sun was splitting the sky until I took the Noosa turn-off... the closer I got to the coast the more miserable the weather got. Poor Jodie got a very bad sample of what Queensland weather is like... trust me Jodie, its normally not like this!!

So we had coffee at a little cafe and chattered away, and then we all went off to find the gym. Well... I have to say that I now know that I've been slacking off when it comes to leg training!!! And its amazing how those little corrections to your form make all the difference to how you feel during the exercise. I learned a few new exercises, like doing the bottom half of the exercise in leg press (ooooh the burn!) and drop sets on the leg extension (killer), then the dreaded pop-squats (I had a feeling that they were coming, and I wasn't disappointed!) and walking lunges. By halfway through my legs were jelly, but I loved it! I have never EVER trained with anyone before, I've never even had a PT session or ever had a training partner, so it was a whole new experience for me!

So all in all it was a great workout, my legs were quivering for the rest of the day after that! It was so cool to catch up with Sue and Jodie again. Last time was a bit of a rush because it was the day of the comp and there was so much happening, so it was lovely to be able to sit and relax and have a bit of a chat.

Here's a couple of photos...

Me and Sue shivering...

There's another photo of me, Jodie and Sue that I want to post, but blogger is being difficult... will try again later... grrr

Today I'm sore (as expected) and I have a very sore butt! Quads are getting stiffer as the day goes on, so no doubt I'll need a walking frame tomorrow lol! This morning I did shoulder and triceps, and incorporated a few new moves/techniques into it, see how fast I learn? hehehe

Not much other news to report! House still not sold yet, but this week we advertise with a price so hopefully that makes a difference. Oh and termite thing at the other house - well after calming down a little we've realised that the damage isn't as bad as originally thought. We've had a friend who's a termite inspector come out and tell us that there's no current activity in the house, so that's a huge relief. AND we can fix all the damaged walls ourselves (BF is a carpenter) so the cost will be minimal... so its all GOOD!

Anyway, time to go cook dinner... better be off!


Sue Heintze said...

GREAT to catch up with you Hils! I have a sore butt too. No quads still though. Yes, the weather is decidedly nasty, but, I'm looking on the positive side - hey, I'm on holiday. We are off to eat. Now at Di and Gerard's amazing house. Oh and we did the Montville (sp?) drive today, that was spectacular - and even the sun was shining! Ooh and we bought a huge oil painting at the Eumundi markets for our new house! Exciting! Fantastic to see you - i hope to do it again soon!

Selina said...

Wow I'm so jealous!!!! Would have been great for you to catch up with the girls again, and especially have the training session!! And yes, what's with this crazy weather?!?!
Good news bout your new house, hope the old one sells for you soon!!

CJ said...

Glad to hear the termite problem is not as bad as you thought - must be a relief!

I'm interested in the leg session you did - can you explain what you did when you said you did the bottom half of the leg press exercise. Also, the drop sets on the leg extension. Also what are pop squats. I'm looking to do a new weights session starting next week and i need some ideas - they sound great!

Have a good day!

Ps loved the photo - you looked cold!

Lia Halsall said...

Leg training is always a killer! And speaking of which I'm off to train my quads and calves. *yikes* Have a great day. :o)

Kaddy said...

im nodding in agreement! i love having a personal trainer to train with it makes a helluvalot of difference for me too! i think the main thing for me is having someone to teach me 'good form'! I love it!

Antigone said...

It's amazing what you can achieve by making small changes to your technique:)
Keep up the great work hun!

Rebecca said...

Hi there, how are your legs feeling now? I am sure that was an awesome workout!!

I am glad that the house is not as bad as you thought, whew. Must be a massive relief for you.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend.


Hilary said...

Hi Sue! It was sooo good to catch up again - thanks for your time! Glad you liked Montville - cute little village isn't it? Hope you dont have any trouble getting that painting home on the plane!

Thanks Selina - it was such a good experience to train with Sue. Pity about the weather though. Hope it holds out for the wedding for your sis!

Hi CJ - here's a link that kinda explains some plyometric training... pop squat isn't specifically mentioned, but you get the idea.

Thanks Lia! Hope you had as good a leg session as I did, I'm still hobbling!

Kat its amazing HOW MUCH difference it makes to train with someone isn't it? Think I might have to get me a trainer now and then, just to keep me on my toes!

Thanks Em!

Rebecca the legs are still quite sore - thanks for asking! Yeah we're relieved the house situation isn't as bad as first thought - one less thing to worry about!