Sunday, September 24, 2006

Time flies!

Wow - long time no post!! Sorry for my absence, life is pretty crazy right now.

So first of all, we have a new contract on our house!! Everybody cross your fingers, with a little bit of luck everything should settle in about 3 weeks! We found out on Tuesday - and so far everything is on track for a quick settlement. I burst into tears when I found out that the contract was finalised, felt like such a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

We spent today moving some more stuff over to the new place, and the "official" move is scheduled to happen next weekend... bye-bye old house!!

A new challenge is underway for me, I started last Monday. I bought myself a new journal for my goal/inspiration book... and I've loaded it up with my goals, a calendar for me to cross off each day as I go, some success quotes etc, and I'm feeling totally pumped and ready to shed my winter "skin"! I have about 3 or 4kgs to "release", which is usually the hardest to lose! I was getting a little dejected at sort of aimlessly hitting the gym with no goal in mind, so its nice to have something to shoot for. I've had a pretty good weekend too, and that is usually my biggest hurdle. My free meal last night was quite tame by comparison to the last few weekends.

I have given myself two "checkpoints" during my new challenge, one at 4 weeks, and another at 8 weeks. I have written in my goal book that when I have reached those checkpoints and I have performed totally to plan, I will reward myself with either a massage, facial, new item of clothing or maybe a new lipstick or something.

My pamper night last Saturday night didn't eventuate... the boys didn't end up going out, so my plans were dashed at the last minute. We ended up still having home-made pizza, and got a couple of DVD's out - Scary Movie 4 (pretty funny) and Skeleton Key (pretty good). So it was a good night anyway, just didn't get to do the mudmask or the bath. Oh well.

Last night a girlfriend came over and we finally got to watch "Pride and Prejudice"!! Well worth the wait, but I do think the book is much better (as usual). If you get used to the "old" english used, reading the book is well worth the effort - such a good story! Bridget Jones is loosely based on Pride and Prejudice - just a piece of useless information for everyone on a Sunday night...

Anyway I'm loving doing these cardio classes, I've done one cycle class so far (its not an official RPM or anything- but it sure did get the thighs and butt burning!) and I'm doing the Friday morning step class. This week I'm planning on doing 2 cycle classes and 1 step. Plus 3 days of weights and interval cardio on the regular cardio equipment. I've already started to see a change on the scale, which is great!

Feeling good and much more in control - so bring on week 2!!!!


Kaddy said...

Yay on your house Hilary!@ that's great news! Also yay on the scales :) the hard work is paying off! you go girl! :)

Splice said...

Hey Hills! I hope all goes well with the house. Let us know how it all pans out.
Deb xxx

Hilds said...

Hi Hilary,

Great to hear you have a contract on your house I hope it all goes well! Sounds like your new gym classes are going well, I'm about to brave a spin class (haven't done one for a couple of years!). Let me know where you plan on going for your trip, it should be heaps of fun!
Luv Hilds

Rebecca said...

Hi there, that is awesome news about the house. Congratulations, I know how stressful real estate can be.

You go girl, another challenge. You will be the Queen of 12 week challenges!


Alicia said...

Congrats on selling the house Hilary. It's such a relief isnt it (mind you - I was selling two properties at once - what a nightmare!). Cant wait to finally meet you next weekend!


Sam D-M said...

Hi Hilary,

Are you building? or have you brought another place?

Look forward to following you through your 12week challenge!


Mel said...

Agh, I am in the same boat with moving house at the moment - I hate moving! AND I had a bit of a cry the other day with our house going on the market...but I just gotta keep remembering we are moving closer to the city and all my friends!

Hey, sounds like you are right on track with your goals - I think you have inspired me to get a journal week will be in the new house and my new exercise regime of running around the river will start - bring on summer!!


Hilary said...

Thanks Kat! Its all happening - thanks for your support.

Hi Deb - thanks, will do! Good luck with the rest of your comp prep... see you on stage soon!

Hilds I hope you survived your spin class. They are a killer arent they? I havent done a "full" one yet as I always have to leave early... hopefully next week when all the craziness is over!

Thanks Rebecca - I'm so glad that the stress is almost over!!!!!

Alicia cant wait to see you up on that stage next weekend!!!

Hi Sam - we bought another established house (20 years old) BEFORE we sold our current house... dumb, dumb, dumb!! Wont be doing that next time!

Mel it can be a bit sad putting your house on the market, but at least you realise the plusses. I have no personal attachment to this house at all so I dont mind leaving it! Hope your house sells quickly.

Hilary xx

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