Monday, November 21, 2011

Nope, still pregnant!

Just in case you were wondering - I'm still here, tapping my foot impatiently!

*Sigh* - this is one of the worst things about pregnancy, waiting... waiting...  Due date is tomorrow, but dont hold your breath!  Doesn't feel like anything is happening.  Next hospital visit is on Thursday.

I've mentally started making a list of all the things I'm going to do once I dont have an enormous bump in front of me.  Things like giving my hubby and Skye a full-frontal hug, without feeling like we've got a basketball between us.  Or being able to sleep on my back again. Or sleeping without constant hip pain.  Or being able to pick things up off the floor again, or have more than 3 items of clothing that fits me!! 

Yes, can you tell I'm at that REALLY whiney, whingey, complaining stage?? LOL!  And yes its exciting to be having a new baby too, I hadn't forgotten about that!

It hasn't been helping that Skye has been really frustrating with her sleeps lately.  She started to drop her day sleep altogether, and is now waking at 5.20am every day - regardless of her bedtime.  I've got her mostly back on track with her day nap, but still cant work out why she's waking so early in the mornings... just another challenge, another phase!

Our pup Dutchy is proving to be a great little addition to our home though, and its wonderful how well he and Elke get along together too, since this was one of the main things we were concerned about.  Elke can be a teeny bit, ummm, aggressive, with other dogs - but somehow she just seemed to "know" that Dutchy belonged.  Animals are so smart sometimes.

Anyway, the other week I'd put them to bed and turned out the light - but then a few minutes later realised I'd forgotten something so switched the light back on - and I caught them - like this:

They looked SOOO guilty LOL!!  Huddled on Dutchys bed (Elke has her own of course, it was just funny that they both squeezed into the same bed)  It looked so funny that I had to turn on the light and take another photo:

Awwww, they love cuddling together!

So glad they have each other now :)


Anonymous said...

Awwww bless - those pics bought tears to my eyes (hormonal much)?? i love my puppy SOOOOOO very much, wouldn't know what life would be like without him!!!
Gosh, i'm nine weeks behind you and i'm friggen over it - so cudos to you gorgeous but I am TOTALLY looking forward to picking up stuff, tying my shoelaces without breathing like a nonna, sleeping on my tummy and seeing my fanny again ;) hahaha

Anonymous said...

LOL - there seems to be quite a few of us in the 'OVER IT' boat at the moment but you are the closest to it being over - lucky you! That is so great that your puppies get along great too - very cute. Does Skye terrorise them much? Eva is obsessed with Huxley or dog. From the moment she gets up to the time she goes to bed it's Hux, Hux, side (meaning she wants to go outside to play with Hux),poor Hux is very patient with her and I am sure he is enjoying all the attention but sometimes he has enough and disappears out to the front of the house for a bit of piece and quiet - I just wish I could do that sometimes too LOL Well, keep us updated with where baby #2 is at!! and good luck :) Nicole xx