Friday, December 11, 2009

Ok, I'm ready for it to be over now

Yep, I'm ready for this baby to be out now!

This is just a horrible, horrible time of year to be heavily pregnant (and not in air conditioning). Its been so hot and humid, and I'm just so uncomfortable now...

The swollen feet are a given (I waddle like a slow-moving duck these days), but in the last week my hands and fingers have decided to join the "fluid retention party" - and now I cant get my wedding/engagement rings off. This is upsetting me more than anything else, its just SO frustrating and annoying, and really starts to freak me out if I think about it too much.

Yesterday I had my regular appointment with my chiropractor, and was telling him I couldn't get the rings off. Well, I had his entire office staff, other chiros, and my chiro's wife all trying different things to get my bloody rings off! Ice, elevation, lubrication - nothing worked! Felt quite funny to have so many different people standing around discussing different techniques that might work LOL! Their final suggestion was to have them cut off - something I'm reluctant to do to my beautiful rings.

So I'm just trying to ignore it for now, its not like I have purple fingers or anything, its just frustrating and annoying more than anything. I feel so stupid cos I SHOULD have taken them off weeks ago, but in my stupidity I thought "Naaahhh, my hands wont get swollen!!" - famous last words!

Week 38 hospital visit was on Wednesday and some good news - at my last visit at 36 weeks, Tic Tac was lying posterior (its back was against my back) - so after much effort this last fortnight (getting down on hands and knees, leaning forward when sitting down, not putting my feet up, lots of walking etc) we've managed to get bub to turn - yay! They are not concerned with the swelling, chiefly because my blood pressure is still on the low side of normal.

So its in position and ready to go - now just have to wait I guess! Officially we have 11 days to go, but of course its all up to bub and whenever he/she decides it wants to join us. Technically if they allow me to go 10 days overdue, then we might not be having a baby until 1st or 2nd of January... ugh!

We are having a housewarming party here on Saturday night (yeah great timing huh?) so it will be a busy weekend. I've told hubby that I'm not planning on jumping up and down serving people all night, so its a sausage sizzle and he's doing most of it (I'll make a salad and then put my feet up) - lets hope it goes to plan!

Have an awesome weekend!


Anonymous said...

It's possible that you won't be blogging much before bub arrives, so I wanted to wish you all the best and to thank you for the amazing support you have provided me - it's been so awesome to have you along for the ride.

Meanwhile... if the bub happened to come on 2nd Jan, it would share the birthday of the most fabulous Canberra resident ever! ;p

Thinking of you! xoxox mwah

Alicia said...

Oh I'm hearing you...this weather sucks right about now! We're getting aircon in January (thanks to our lovely landlord), but in the meantime, I'm using a pedestal fan that blows straight on me :)

Dont stress too much about the fluid retention, as long as your BP is fine, you have nothing to worry about.

Glad to hear bubs has turned, the last thing you want is a posterior baby (my sis had hers posterior in July and said that it was hell!)


Kerry W said...

Yes... I hear you too Hilary. The fluid retention is definitely not pleasant, especially when you've never experienced it before. I had low blood pressure too, and I didn't have knees or ankles when I had Philomena. So you will lose the fluid - it's just really uncomfortable, especially in this hot, humid weather!

I hope everything works out with your rings too. At least mine was a plain gold wedding ring, so it wasn't a big deal, and they rejoin them. I don't know however about your rings Hilary.

Anyway...fingers crossed that tic-tac will come very soon, and all this yukky stuff will soon be forgotten! XOX

Sue said...

Oh how exciting Hils :) 11 days, i'd be freaking out about now.

Hope everything goes splendidly!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with everything! You will be such a caring and wonderful Mum! I can't wait to see this baby :)
PS I feel SO sorry for you having to endure this horrid heat! Just imagine how skinny you are going to feel in a couple of weeks :)

Nicole P said...

Oh Hilary I feel for you right now - this heat sucks big time! The only reason I've been going to work is for the air con LOL Just gotta make it through til Monday now :)

Well, I have my swollen fingers and toes crossed for you that bubs comes very soon and I can't wait to meet him or her - how exciting!! Nicole xx

KRISTIN said...

How exciting Hilary! I can hear you are over it, but I'm sure it will be absolutely wonderful to say the least. I wish I could say I know what you mean, but I don't! Lol! BUT, I do feel sorry for you :(

Hope it all goes well Hils if we don't hear from you again. Look after yourself and can't wait to hear all about it.


Shar said...

Hey Hils
Soooooo close now, it will all be worth it soon!! :)

just days til you meet your bubba, how exciting.
I hpe the heat doesn't get to you too much.

I have to do Dec, Jan and half of Feb heavily preggers so you saying you've had enough now has worried me :0 having only done heavily preggers in the winter in the UK before!
Actually its been pretty hot here in perth and this weekend is no exception, 39 degrees today.

Kepp us posted on everything!! (if you get time) and if it all happens suddenly and you don't get a chance, good luck and I can't wait to see some pics of bubs!!

Shar x

Chelle said...

Hi HIlary,
I hear you!! I was heavly pregnant with Chloe at this time of year also!!
Hilary i just want to wish you luck and say a hige thank you for support and help when you were my feedback coach!! I still hope to one day meet you face to face!!
Cannot wait to hear all about it


Robyn said...

Hang in there girl, you're nearly there!

I'm sharing an office with a pregnant colleague, so I know all about the waddle, the fluid retention, and the feet. She calls her litte one jelly bean. As the mother of tictac, thought that tidbit might be of interest.

Happy Christmas & NYE, Hilary, and bon voyage tictac... the world awaits you.

Robyn said...
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Hilary said...

Thank you so much Jude, and it was an absolute pleasure working with you this year!! Thank YOU for all your support too! It seems to be a popular time of year for birthdays, so you never know - our bub may very well share your birthday with you!

Alicia this heat has been awful hasn't it? I feel for all pregnant women in this weather!

Thanks Kerry, the rings are still on - just trying not to think about them now. The fluid retention is horrible, but you're right - not too much longer to wait now!

Sue the funny thing is that the "over it" feelings totally start to outweigh the "freaking out" feelings - i just want it out now!

Thanks Rene, I've actually been thinking how much lighter I'm hopefully going to feel in a few weeks - its a strange concept!

Thanks Nicole, LOL we've all got our swollen hands and feet crossed that this heat goes away I think!!

Thanks Kristin!

Shar I do feel for you girls who are due later in Summer, all the additional heat and humidity that you have to suffer! The things we do huh?

Hi Chelle! Thank you for your support this year too! I'm sure we'll get to meet sooner or later, last time just wasn't meant to be I guess!

Thanks Robyn, its funny isn't it how many of us give the bump a nickname before its born! Happy Christmas and New Year to you too!

Hilary xx