Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dreaming of Screaming...

With thanks to System of a Down for the title...

Both of us had dreams of birth last night. I woke up to tell hubby that I'd just dreamt of having the baby. In the dream, I arrived at hospital on my own, because hubby was running late. There was a male midwife, who saw me to a room - where I had just hopped on the bed, and 5 seconds later gave one LITTLE push (hardly any effort really) - and suddenly the baby was born and taken away from me! I was told its a girl, and then the midwife told me I had two options, I could either stay there, or check into a hotel!! LOL!

Hubby dreamt that I was having contractions, while we were sitting in the carpark of a landscape nursery... I dont know what we were doing there!

Hmmm, well I'm still here anyway, and so is the bump.

For the last week I've been getting period-pain type cramps that come and go - perhaps these are Braxton Hicks? (I have no idea). And today I cant walk too well because I seem to have pinched a nerve in my groin area. Took Elke for a longer walk today, and was absolutely shattered when I got home. Lots of little stabbing niggles down below. I keep waiting for something to go "KABOOM" - this is it!! But nothing yet. Every little twinge I'm like "Is this IT?" I'm running out of patience!

Anyhoo... this is the new "Hil-mobile" - forgot to post pics when we got it a few weeks ago! Naturally, its a Ford!

And this was me on Saturday night (thought I should post one with my head still attached, just once!) - at the end of our housewarming party, feeling hot and bothered and about ready to collapse!


Shar said...

You look fantastic!!
Not long now, although I know that a day seems like a week at your stage!

Look at it this way 16 days max til you see your bubba!!!! you've come so far already, thats doable right?

Rest up, you will need your energy when it all starts for real.

Shar xx

Anonymous said...

Love the car colour, very nice. Do you like it?

And you're looking positively fabulous Hilary. :o) xxx

Kerry W said... are absolutely glowing (even though you say you are hot and bothered in the pic)!

Can't be long now til Tic Tac arrives (surely Nice new 'Hils Mobile', BTW.

Fingers crossed XOX

Anonymous said...

A lurker an untrained eye it looks like a boy to me, not that I've had any kids but a beautiful being is gonna be born soon!
I'd written so much more but it got wiped, so it was witty and all but I can't recall.
Other than I can imagine it isn't easy but a gorgeous person is coming to be yours, don't worry just breathe and relax as much as you want it asap. :D

Alicia said...

LOL wouldnt it be nice if birth was like that? Yep those pains are braxton hicks :) Do you find to you get heaps of pressure in your pelvis if you walk for too long? I've had to limit walking Heathrow to 15-20 minutes otherwise its just too much.

Soooooo jealous of your G6E! I'm a Ford girl too so I can appreciate it (though I'm still kicking myself for not getting the turbo when I got the FG XR6 last year!).


Frankie said...

In my case, Braxton-Hicks didn't feel anything like actual contractions...they were really weird. But when my water broke I started to have pain that felt just like period pain..oooh..maybe you are in labour already!!! hahaha...sorry. The last couple of week SUX I know xxx

linda said...

you look so beautifully pregnant.

Robyn said...

Your's and hubby's dreams of birth and contractions are expressions of your birth-anxiety (i.e. anticipation).

Hang in there, it's almost time. Lovely baby bump!!

Jadey said...

You look amazing Hilary, such a testiment to how healthy you live!! Can't wait to hear about the birth!! So excited for you both!!! Have a beautiful Christmas and a wonderful joyful new year... Love you lots - Jadey xxx

Anonymous said...

wow you look great if you want to catch up on my blog its :)would love to add you to my blog if ok with you -please sen me an email to to let me know :) congrats on the bubs how is your eye sight been i remember you saying there were troubles before?

Shar said...

Anything yet!!!!!??

I should know better than to ask you what everyone else is asking you too!!!!

Sorry, but just wanted to check in on you.

Shar x

Valley Girl said...

! day to go~ wow, hope you are all good either way...

Merry Christmas to you & hubby & maybe you baby...?

how exciting...

Hilary said...

Thanks Shar, not long to go now I guess, just getting very impatient!

I love the car Lia, very luxurious and safe, its got a 5 star ANCAP rating that was hard to go past.

Thanks Kerry, it was defintely the heat that gave me the "glow" - I was dead on my feet, trust me!

Thank you for commenting Em! I change my mind every day whether its a boy or girl, not long to find out I guess!

LOL Alicia I've had a few dreams like that now, and yes wouldn't it be nice!! Yeah I'm getting the hip aches, cant walk for too long either. Our G6E is the turbo model, I dont think hubby would have agreed to it if it wasn't! (his need for speed!)

Frankie I think what it ended up being was the baby hiccuping... I was hoping for prelabour too, but it doesn't seem to be - just gotta try to be patient I guess!

Thank you Linda!

Thanks Robyn, I guess thats why we keep dreaming about it then! Would be lovely if it was that simple, but I dont think so somehow!

Jadey I hope you had a lovely Christmas too, and thanks for your wishes, it means a lot!

DarkAngel I have just sent you an email. Eyes are doing great, thanks for asking!

Not yet Shar, thanks for checking up on me though!

Thanks VG! Hope you had a great Christmas too.

Hilary xx