Monday, March 27, 2006

The day after...

Well after my day of indulgence yesterday, I feel yukky! I basically gave myself the day to eat all those little things that I'd missed... and I pretty much reconfirmed that those "cravings" I'd been having were all in my head! Eating all that "indulgence" food just made me feel bloated and ill... which is a good thing! To be honest, while it was nice to have a bit of ice cream, and chocolate, and cheese, it really made me realise that it wasn't anything special. Its just food. Cant believe I'm saying that, but there you have it! Total reversal of mindset - gotta be happy with that!

To cap off my day of food indulgence, I decided to have a glass of wine. I sat down at about 4.30pm to read the Sunday Mail with a nice glass of red wine. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and took my time with it too - it lasted until about 5.30pm. After that I made my pizzas (its funny preparing food when you're half tanked!) and decided to have another glass of wine (!!!!) So by about 7.30 last night I was feeling quite sozzled (cant believe that 2 glasses of wine gets me drunk these days - I used to be able to drink a whole bottle and still be fully coherent) and I woke up this morning with the worst dry mouth and feeling a bit hungover! Sad... sad... sad...

And now I'm feeling gross due to yesterday. I felt so guilty not going to gym this morning! I cant believe that last week I was dying for a rest, and now I'm giving myself one and I want to get back into it! I'm determined to at least have a few days off anyway. My knee is still "pinging" a bit, so it will be good to rest. I think a while ago Rae suggested I try Glucosamine for my knees, I might have to give it a go.

Thanks everyone for their lovely comments about my photos! I'm quite happy with the results, and I'm determined to stay pretty close to this shape for a long time to come. Cant wait to start designing my new programme for next week! I'm not sure whether to drop back to a 3 day split, or stay with the 4 day weight training. I do enjoy 4 days of weights (except legs - least favourite day) so I might stick with it. Although if I do 3 days weights I get to do more longer cardio sessions... hmmmm decisions, decisions!


Ali said...


I too must say you look sensational!! What great results you have had, those photos show all your hard work,

congratulations girl!!

RaeC said...

I know what you mean about feeling ill after a day of satisfying the cravings... I think I felt sick for about a week after the Nationals, and that was just eating bits and pieces every day. It's amazing how quickly your body gets used to clean fuel and falls apart when you fill it with dirty fuel.

The funny thing is that I have all these cravings for food while I am preparing for comp, but once comp is over and I tell myself I can have the food, I then don't want it and don't end up eating half the stuff I craved. It's totally a mind over matter thing... if you tell yourself you can't have it, you start craving it, but if you know you can have it if you want, you tend to choose not to.

You do have a total change in mindset Hilary, it's fantastic to see!! Have a fantastic day!!

Love Rae xxx

Tracey said...

Hilary you 2 pot screamer.ROFLMFAO

So pleased you had a good time, and yes it is hilarious to cook dinner when you have had a few to drink.

Antigone said...

Take your rest time and make it into planning time! plan your programme and take some time to iron out any wrinkles i am in the second week of my own programme and i feel so impowered by the fact that its all mine LOL even the dreaded leg day :( YUCK
And i know how you feel about eating indulgence foods! I did awhile back and i felt bloated and rather yuck! and you are right it's just food really :) not missing out at all!!
And how funny you tanked on 2 glasses of wine well i shouldn't laugh to hard as i got tanked on one glass of lovey red at one of hubbies functions and i haven't drunk since LOL

Hilary said...

Thanks Alison! Its great to have some photos at the end to show for all the hard work!

Rae I completely agree - once I tell myself I cant have something, its all I want! lol! I feel like I'm now addicted to clean eating and exercise - and it feels just "wrong" when I dont do it!

Tracey I used to love cooking when I'd had a few drinks... every meal always came out a bit different, but I could never replicate it because I couldn't excactly remember what I'd put in it!!

And Em you are exactly right - I'm going to put this time to good use, planning my next training programme.

Thanks Guys!