Monday, March 20, 2006


6 litres of water done! Wow my back teeth are under water though! I've done nothing but run to the ladies all day, lol, luckily I didnt have any big meetings to go to or anything!

Great training sessions this morning - shoulders! Love it, a whole session dedicated to it, with abs and some interval elliptical to finish off. Came home after work and took the pooches for a walk (have to take them seperately - they are too hard to handle at the same time!) - they get 15mins each, which is quite enough for me after a hard day at the office! Poor puppies, they get soooo excited when I take them, and I feel so bad because its only a short walk. And then when I've finished my 12 weeks I go back to cardio once a day, and the poor loves get neglected again. (Normally they only get a big walk once a week. Lucky we've got a 1/4 acre block!)

I am meant to be going to see "Menopause- the Musical" tomorrow night (not that I'm anywhere close to menopause!!) but we have just realised that its my BF's dad's birthday, so I'm choosing to go to dinner instead. The ticket is paid for and everything, there are 10 ladies from work going, but I just really dont need the late night at this point in my programme. So I'll go around for dinner (BF's sister is doing a programme with Sue - so its bound to be a dinner "on plan") and get home nice and early and get some zzzzzz's.

Two more days of normal eating, then I'm onto zero sodium days until photos on Sunday. Do you realise that there is pretty much sodium in Everything????!!!! Ahhhh so it will be back to good old grilled chicken and steamed veges for a few days. How am I going to cope without soy sauce?? Lucky its only for 3 days!

Anyway, time to go read some blogs! Thanks everyone for making me feel welcome!



Antigone said...

Sodium free WOW good luck!!
Sodium is just about every packet so good old home cooking it is for you the! atleast you know whats in it that way:)
i bet your looking forward to getting your pics done?? bet you'll look smashing :)
Have a great week!

Tracey said...

Luckily Hilary it is only for 3 days, when I did my program with Sue I did 7 days of no Sodium, now the day before your photo's do you have to only drink 1 litre of water? I found that this was the hardest part of my challenge.

Good on you, you seem to be going great.

Bella said...

6 litres!!! - holy cow! You must have half the pacific ocean in your bladder! Good luck for this week - I cant wait to see your pics - you are going to look HOT! xxx

RaeC said...

I most certainly do know there is sodium in EVERYTHING pretty much LOL... I nearly made the fatal mistake of having a cup of tea with just normal water a day out from my first comp... it's ridiculous how much you panic when you realise you nearly drank tap water of all things!!

This is the exciting part now and I can't wait to see your updated photos...

Have fun lovey!!

Rae xxx