Friday, March 17, 2006

Been sick...

This is my little Siamese named Connor - giving me the evil eye!

Well I'd been patting myself on the back lately that I'd only missed one workout during this entire programme - and look what happens... I go and get sick! I now think that my steady decrease in energy this week has had something to do with a bit of a stomach bug I picked up.

Wednesday night I had an upset tummy. Thursday morning I got up and went to the gym as normal, but halfway through my back/bi's exercises I started to physically get the shakes and felt nauseous. So I stopped and went home. Felt ok through the day at work, just tired. Then after meal 4 I developed the worst stomach pains, so I went home, and spent all night doubled over with stomach cramps and acid reflux. My partner went and got me some Mylanta from the chemist, which seemed to help. So unfortunately I had to skip a workout today - BUMMER! I feel better today, but just completely without energy.

The good thing is that I only missed one meal - last nights dinner. I just couldn't eat. I'm going to try to get up early tomorrow (Saturday) and take the dogs for a big walk before breakfast, but I'll have to see how the energy levels hold out. It might end up being a walk around the block!

We've got a busy day ahead tomorrow! I've got to get up and do the dog walk, then the dog-wash man arrives at 8am, then we're going down to the Gold Coast to test drive some cars that my partner is interested in, then home, housework, groceries etc. Then back down the coast - I'm catching up with a girlfriend I havent seen in a while, while the boys are going to watch some kickboxing!


RaeC said...

Hi Hilary!!

Wow, look at those changes you are making... you have definitely embraced this lifestyle now. I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of you after reading your blog and seeing how your attitude has changed so much since we first met. I feel like a Mum at her daughter's graduating class... LOL!! I always did say I felt like a mother hen with you. You have done yourself proud girl!!

Love Rae xxx

Kaddy said...

Hi Hilary! How cool u have a blog!! im glad i get to see how ur going as i enjoyed chatting with u in sues forum!! another inspirational blog to read yay!!

Bella said...

Hi Hilary - you are looking awesome!! So you have only a couple of weeks left with Sue! Cant wait to see your final pics!

Selina said...

Hey Hilary!! Hope you're feeling better, these bugs always get you when you're travelling along nicely!! You'll be back un in no time!! Your pic looks awesome!!! I only hope my pics are as great as yours and I will be one very happy lil vegemite!!
Selina xoxo

Chontelle said...

Hey Hilary,

Great to see you have a blog! I love reading about everyone's progress! Sorry to hear you were sick. I have also been sick over the weekend. My husband and I were both unwell in the tummy, and think it might have been bad chicken!

I too can't wait to see your final photos... I will keep checking in.