Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Its Official... I'm an exercise junkie...

Well I tried to give myself a week off from exercise... but I just couldn't do it. I've had four days off (last training day was last Friday), and I just havent known what to do with myself!!! So I went back to gym this morning to hit some cardio, and I feel so much better about myself. Strange - I thought that I would LOVE to have a week of sleeping in, but I've just been champing at the bit to get back into it. I've been waking up at 5am anyway, and saying to myself "have a rest, stay in bed" and in the end I got up and did some ironing, read some blogs, read a book... tragic!

So yesterday I decided that I was going back to gym this morning, and I was so excited! lol! This is exactly why I wanted to have a break... I wanted to get that enthusiasm back, and it only took 4 days! I sat down with all my old fitness magazines last night, and Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, and this weight training book named "Shape Training" by Robert Kennedy... and tried to nut out my new training programme. I didn't get very far - but I've got until next Monday to figure it out.

Anyway, back at the gym... I did some interval on the elliptical, got on the bike for 10minutes (it started to make my knee hurt) and then had an incline powerwalk. Finished up with abs and stretches... ahhhh feel so much better! :) Spewin my knee hurt on the bike, because I was considering doing the bike class tomorrow morning, and now I'm worried it wont hold out. So I think I'd better just stick to the elliptical, and power walking for now.

A colleague today got given a big box of chocolates from one of her customers. She brought them around and offered them to everyone, and when the box was put under my nose, I smiled and said "no thanks" without even thinking about it... then a few seconds later I thought to myself "hang on - I could have had one now that I've finished my programme" - but now I am so used to saying "no thanks" that I dont even realise I'm doing it - sort of like its pre-programmed into me now!! Anyway, so then I thought about it and realised that I didn't really even feel like having a chocolate. So of course, I didn't.

So I keep being surprised at myself as to how I've changed. Its amazing how things just become a habit - you do something over and over, and in the end you dont even have to think about it. Like getting up early to hit the gym - a year ago I used to grumble and complain when the alarm went off - now I just get up, get dressed and go. Dont even have to think about it. I'm lovin this new "me"!!


Kaddy said...

YAY go HIlary!!!!! saying no to choccy go girl!!! lmao re: not being able to rest! i know the feeling...been there...but if you ignore it long enough it does go away ROFLMAo not that you want

RaeC said...

Oh yeah... I can totally agree with that. You are finding out what I meant ages ago when I said we need to replace bad habits with good habits until they become second nature. Very proud of you my little protoge... *sniff*

Love ya xxx

Shar said...


Your pics are great.

Well done, I hope I can produce those kind of results!!



little rene said...

you go hilary, what an awesome addiction-exercise! can someone please explain to me what "lol" or "Lol" means?

Splice said...

So there is "life after diet"! I have been checking back here to see how you have been feeling now that you have completed your diet and moved back into the "normal world" lol. I am happy to hear about your progress and thank you for sharing it with us.
Keep up the great work and take care of your knee.

Antigone said...

That is so fantastic that you said no:) very proud!!
Shame about your knee, strange it hurt on the bike and not the tready??? i find the bike is better on my knees than the tready, you don't have the bike seat set too low????
Glad to hear you having a go at creating your own programme :) I'm in the second week of mine and i feel so in control and very energetic towards my routin now as i know it's all about"ME" hehe
Good luck!!

Ali said...

Hilary, did you go see anyone (acupuncturist) about your knee?

Great that you are able to say 'no'automatically to the choc. Good on you!!

Hilary said...

Hi Kat - Thanks! I'm pretty happy about my change in mindset... and chocolate just doesn't seem to have that same appeal that it used to!

Rae I'm so glad I finally "got it" with changing my habits! Having these healthy habits really just make it so much easier. See I knew eventually it would sink in!

Thanks Sharleen! Cant wait to see your results too - I'm sure they'll be fantastic, after all, we've got a fab mentor/online trainer... :)

Little rene - "lol" is short for "laughing out loud"! I got confused for a while last year when everyone was saying LMAO - took me ages to figure out it was "laughing my arse off"!

Thanks Splice! Feeling pretty good after finishing, just cant wait to get back into weights!

Hi Em - the thing about my knee is this - as of yesterday I now think I'm suffering from "runners knee" (thanks Michelle P!!) - I think its all related to the muscles that go over my knee, so I'm going to try some special exercises and lots of stretching, and see if that doesn't help. I'll try to post a bit about "runners knee" a bit later.

Hi Ali - I didnt get to go see an acupuncturist yet - the one that's been recommended to me is on the other side of Brisbane, and I just dont know when I'm going to be able to go! I must do it though - I've got to write in on my "to do" list!


Antigone said...

Hun i am with you thats exactlly what i had, but mine came on due to lack of use when i was over weight and then being use alot it desided it didn't like it so rebelled LOL
I hope with stretches your knee comes good i know over the past few months my knee's haven't bothered me at all :) it's my hips now hehe i'm getting old and falling apart LOL

Sreenivasa S said...

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