Sunday, March 12, 2006

End of week 10!

My goal for this blog is to keep me focused on staying fit!

Today is week 10 of my 12 week challenge with Sue! Cant believe how fast its gone, and I've only got two weeks left! Today I'm having a rest day, well earned I think. I've done over 8 hours of training this week, and I'm a bit tired!

Sunday's for me pretty much involves getting myself organised for the week. I've got to prepare all mine and my partners lunches, do all my ironing, chop up all the dog food, do my feedback email to Sue, finish the washing... so its not really a rest day I guess!

On an exciting note - I took some measurements yesterday, and I've gone down to a 25 inch waist! So excited... thats the smallest I've ever been. Still got a bit to go in terms of my hip measurements, its always my problem area.

Got up a bit late this morning, so I'm going to struggle to get all my meals in. Looks like I might have to cram in a protein shake before bed. Had a glass and a half of wine last night with my free meal, and I felt hungover this morning! After two or three sips, I could feel the alcohol coursing through my veins... I'm only drinking with my free meals these days - and I now only have a free meal once a fortnight! Yikes!

Anyway - time to go do some other stuff!

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