Monday, March 13, 2006

Another day done!

Here's a picture of our two dogs - Elke is a Border Collie cross Keeshond, and Shavez is an Alaskan Malamute.

Another day done and dusted! Felt tired and bleugh today for some reason, just didn't want to do anything... like go to work, train, cook dinner etc! I guess we all have days like these. I still did everything though - even took the dogs for a walk this afternoon. Thats the beauty of establishing a routine - even when you dont feel like it, you still just get up and do it!

Having trouble figuring out how this blog thing works. Mind you - I havent really dedicated much time to finding out either! I have just worked out how to add photos, so that's something!

Training this morning wasn't too bad - increased weight in some shoulder exercises, absolutely caned my abs doing reverse crunches - man those babies are tough!

Today is my last day of higher carbs - tomorrow I start cycling low carb/high carb days. Tomorrow is low carb - that means its peanut butter day! Yay! I wasn't really a peanut butter fan before doing Sue's programmes, but I am now... yum! I know its only a tablespoon, but hey - it makes my day. Sad arent I? Sue is a genius... I had to increase my carbs for a week - and guess what - I've got some fantastic results this week, so I feel like I've busted through that plateau finally!

Well its almost time for bed... and then we get up and do it all again tomorrow!

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