Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Goals achieved!

One of my professional shots from April 2005, after my first programme with Sue.

Well I got home from the gym this morning and decided to check a couple of measurements... my goal for this 12 weeks was to have a hip measurement of 88cm, and waist of 65cm. Have this morning achieved both! Actually my waist came in at 63cm - so gotta be happy with that! And I've still got a week and a half to go! Focus is pretty strong at the moment, close to the finish line and there's going to be no stopping me.

Having said that, I unfortunately got nowhere near my jogging goal this morning. I had a fairly bad nights sleep - kept waking up lying on my left side, with my left arm numb. So energy was low-ish. I managed to get a 25 minute jog in before a stitch got me, so I slowed to a walk for two minutes, and tried to jog again. Ahhh well at least I tried. Jog-phase-2 lasted about 3 minutes!! So I put the treadmill on an incline and powerwalked the rest of the time.

I also got on the bike for 15 minutes at the end, and I have to say, I quite enjoyed it. Lately I've been sticking with the cross trainer and the treadmill, but it was good for a change to do something else. Was dripping with sweat afterwards, always a good sign, although not the most attractive look! :)

Eats were pretty clean today too - treated myself to a coke Zero tonight. I dont mind it- it doesn't have that nasty aftertaste that normal coke has... think I prefer the Diet Ginger Beer though.

My lovely little cat has just climbed up on my lap for a cuddle... naaawww - he hasn't done that for ages cos its been so hot lately. Roll on winter!

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