Sunday, April 02, 2006


One of the photos taken this morning and submitted to the magazine. This is me and Miss Elke - what a poser! (her, not me!!)

Thanks everyone for your comments on the magazine news...! I'm still very excited. Sue, they are going to use the original story, but use some updated pics.

Well I went and had my massage today, it was a package that was given to me as a birthday present back in January, and I used it today as my reward for finishing my 2nd challenge. It included a back massage and facial, and a foot scrub. Found out that I actually have quite dry skin on my face - found it hard to believe after all the water I drink!!

Photos got taken this morning... its just weird having all these photos done! I got a whole heap done in our gym room too - one of me doing dumbell flyes, and I kept saying to Scott "hurry up... take the photo" cos I had to hold the position and wait for him to take it! Feel like I got a workout in, and all I did was hold the weights! And its really hard to get our puppies to stand still long enough to take a picture with them! I wanted to submit some photos with both Elke and Shavez, as they are my afternoon training partners after all!

Back into training tomorrow - cant wait!! I hope to have very sore muscles when next I post! Happy training everyone!



Antigone said...

Great pic :)
So exciting!!!!
You look so natural and its nice to know that in some of those mags what you see really is reality!!!
Have fun with your pic's and good luck with it all!!

Shar said...

Hilary, great news!!

Is the New You mag similar to WH&F?

I must have a look for it?

You look fab, well deserved FAME!!!

Shar x

Hilary said...

Hi Em - someone I know actually said they thought my photos had been retouched when they appeared in WF&H last year!! I guess everyone is so used to the idea that they assume its done to everything. I told her that I had my body here as proof that they hadn't retouched them!

Sharleen, New You is published by Blitz Publications, so they are basically the same people as WF&H. I've bought a couple of "New You's" in the past - it seems to be mostly about past monthly winners and how they are going now. (checking up on them!!)

RaeC said...

Don't you hate that when it's ALL your hard work and people put it down to "airbrushing"??? Sorry to disappoint people, but the finish photos are ALL REAL... LOL!! Great pics Hilary... keep 'em coming and you are right... what a poser (puppy I mean!!) Very funny :)

Love Rae x

Jehanne said...

Wow, thats something to be really proud of - the article. I would love for something like that to happen to me when I get a great bod! Congrats!!!!