Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sore legs and muscle cramps

Yay its Thursday night and its the start of 4 days off!!!! Yippeee!

Ooooh I'm still so sore today from my fabulous leg workout on Tuesday... I'm hobbling around, getting up out of chairs involves me using my arms to hoist myself out of the seat! Love it! My quads arent too bad, the real soreness is coming from my hamstrings.

Having said I love that muscle soreness, it does have its downside... which I found out today. I did my tricep/calf workout this morning (as the gym is closed tomorrow) and I had some bad cramping in my right calf muscle when doing seated calf raises. I kept getting up to stretch, but as soon as I lifted again it cramped like crazy. So I had to drop the weight right back so that I could do it at all, and didn't really get a workout. When it was cramping it went right up from my calf up to my hamstring, so I think perhaps my sore hammies prevented me from doing my best. I've read that magnesium can help with muscle cramps, but I wonder if it had anything to do with my hamstring fatigue. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I have never cramped DURING a training session before.

At work today I had a little mini easter egg, and it really just didn't taste like anything great. So then I had 3 more just to make sure!!! heeheehee! I cant believe I'm saying it, but chocolate just didn't do anything for me today. Maybe tomorrow will be different! lol!


RaeC said...

I love muscle soreness too!! So you're not alone honey... there are a lot of us 'weirdo's' out there... LOL!! Have a lovely Easter xxx

little rene said...

I love muscle soreness too! So does my husband, we were only talking about it this morning while we were doing our cardio! Its nice to know there are a few of us freaky types around!
Have a great easter girls
little renexxx

Jehanne said...

lol, just making sure hey, hehehe

Shar said...

I feel cheated if I'm not sore!!

have a nice break Hilary

Shar x

Bella said...

Hilary Magnesium IS GREAT! I had a crazy eye twitch a few weeks ago and some weird cramps over my tummy like I had done a million crunches - and when I told my trainer about it he immediately recommended magnesium. I had never tried it before and was a bit like 'oh great another supplement' - how wrong was I!! I take a teaspoon a day - its white powder - mixed with water and it tastes like Berocca! My cramps stopped within the day - and the freakin twitch - and I feel human again! I have been taking it for a couple of weeks and may give myself another week just to be sure. When I get to my office this morning I will get the container and post the brand for you on my blog. Hope this helps your decision! xxx

Hilary said...

Thanks Rae, Little Rene and Shar - glad to know I'm not the only muscle soreness addict!

Jehanne, I just had to make sure - you cant be too careful with these things!

Thanks so much Bella for the info re magnesium. I'm going up to the health food store tomorrow to get some - dont want to go through that again!

Selina said...

We sound like the same person Hilary!! With the soreness AND the egg issues :) Will be catching up on all that chocolate and I have missed out on on Saturday when oficially "finished". However like you, I'm sure I won't have missed it...but gotta make sure! :)