Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Heather Green...

How is this for a hot body - Heather Green - 2005 Ms Bikini America. AND... she's had two kids! My BF thinks her arms, particularly her shoulders are too big - huh - men are just so fussy! I think she looks pretty damn amazing.

Well I'm about to be off to the airport... Cairns here I come! I've heard that its finally stopped raining, so fingers crossed I'll be out jogging tomorrow morning. Last time I jogged the esplanade (5km) in about 33 minutes... I'm aiming to beat that!

While I'm there I get to meet one of Sue's clients - Hilde! Cant wait!!

I fly back home on Thursday night, so I probably wont be back here until Friday at the earliest. Have a great week everyone!


Bella said...

Heather sux...ok so I lie...I WANT HER BODY!! - which I know ONE DAY I will get...but the boobs are a different story!! LOL xxx

Bella said...

Forgot to say have fun in Cairns - hope it didnt rain so you could do a kick ass run x

RaeC said...

I hope you're having a great time Hilary!! And I've got to agree with you... her arms are SO not too big... she looks awesome!! xxx

Antigone said...

I think she is hot!!
I love her tummy!! Now if she could get a tummy like that after two children i should be able to after having one child ;) a girl can hope!!
Have a great time away:)
And have fun beating your time!!

Splice said...

Have a great time hun!!
Can't wait to hear what you got up to when you return.
P.s. Thats a great picture. I can't understand how your BF could think she has big arms lol.
take care and will see you when you get back.

Tracey said...

Have fun Hilary, I have not been up their in over 25 years, not that I would remember the trip but it was nice to see it on the old film projector.