Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend, and enjoying those chocolates and hot cross buns in moderation of course!!

I've had a fun day today... took the dogs for a biiiiig walk this morning, then came home and cleaned all the windows inside and out, vacuumed, cleaned the house, washed the car, baked a cake (for Scott, not me!!) and now I'm halfway through doing my nails!

Noooo chocolate for me today... I'm being good. I just keep forgetting to drink all my water when I'm not at work.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!


Selina said...

Hilary, you are soo good for being soooo good with the choccies today!! It's easier when they're just not there. One of those lil ones usually leads to another which... rah rah rah (speaking from experience!!). hOpe you had a lovely day, enjoy the rest of your weekend :)
Selina xoxo
PS: ta for the lovely comment on my blog :)

Hilary said...

Selina - I'm only being good today because I've been a bit slack over the last few days!! So no credit for me! I know what you mean though - it gets addictive doesn't it?


RaeC said...

Good on you Hilary!! I told my Mum that if she had to buy me chocolate, then get me something small and expensive... I think her hearing is going because I got the same old carton of easter eggs... I guess at least this year she got me the 12 egg carton and not the 24 *rolls eyes*... LOL!!

Have a lovely Easter!! xxx

Jehanne said...

Sounds like you have had a very productive day! I've behaved myself with the chocolates this year, I am not going to eat any!!! (it still is only sunday though I guess...)

Jehanne said...
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Jehanne said...

oops, sorry, lol, I have no idea what happened

Jehanne said...

I wasn't trying to make anyone feel bad about me not eating chocolate... hehehe

Jehanne said...
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Ali said...

'funny how sometimes when we are out of routine we can forget out good habbits'...she says running for a glass of water, I'm on break :)
I know sometimes I have to make more of an effort when out of routine, have a great day!!

Ali xx

Antigone said...

WOW you have been a busy bee :)
Nothing like a nice clean organised house i reckon:) i hate to admit it but my was right, an organised house brings organisation to all aspects of daily life :)
You are such a good girl and are much more controlled than naughty me hehe the chocie was a calling LOL