Friday, April 28, 2006

I'm ba-aack!!

Well I’m back from my trip into North Queensland. The weather was just lovely… no rain in sight. I got in fairly late on Tuesday night, and then had trouble sleeping (as I always do the first night).

Set my alarm for 5.20am for Wednesday morning, got up, got dressed for my jog, shoes on, looked out the window… bummer… still dark outside!! Not sure what I was thinking really by getting up so early (habit I guess) Anyway, since I didn’t totally know where I was going, I decided that I needed to wait until it got at least a little brighter outside. So I did my ironing!! Finally managed to get out at about 6am, walked to the Esplanade and jogged from there. Quite happy to say that I beat my previous time of 33 minutes, did it in 30 minutes. I’m surprised at that though, because I had to change my route slightly as they are doing some construction on the footpath at the moment, and I had to veer onto the road at one point, and onto the grass. I even slowed to a walk for a minute cos I developed a stitch. Then I nearly choked on a few bugs that flew into my mouth - d’oh! And I still beat my time. Think its cos I had my ipod with me, and I was able to use my jogging playlist to get me into a rhythm and up to a certain speed (slow that it is).

It was a lovely sight though - just watching the sun come up over the mountains… jogging along the ocean, warm weather, lots of other people out walking their dogs and jogging too - what a great way to start the day!

I had to start work at 6.30 on Thursday morning, so no chance to attempt to better my jogging time - next time I guess. Just as well though - I had 3 hours sleep! My hotel was across the road from a backpackers, and they were yahooing up and down the street all night! Grrrr - some people!!!!

On Wednesday afternoon I met Hilde - it was so nice to meet her! We had a coffee and talked about everything… fitness, photos, spray tans, weight training… she has some fantastic ‘after’ photos, and it was such a buzz to meet someone with similar interests too!

After my chat with Hilde I have decided that I need to set myself a new set of goals… and a new deadline. For the last couple of weeks I have been sort of aimlessly wandering, with no particular fitness goal in mind. This is causing me to be not-so-strict when it comes to my nutrition. So I’m going to have a think about it for the next couple of days what I want to achieve, and use this blog as my “accountability journal”.

So back to the gym this morning - I had to cram in chest, biceps and triceps into one workout today - then I jogged 3km. My little border collie is hopping around on 3 legs today, so no walkies for the dogs this weekend!! I'm not sure what it is - poor little baby, but I think it seems to be her back paw. Will have to watch her closely and see if it improves. Poor puppies will howl when they see me go out for a walk without them!

Its the start of another long weekend for Queenslanders... labour day holiday on Monday. Then I'm off to Canberra on Friday for another long weekend (and I'll be meeting Bel and Ali) - how cool is that? I could live with having a long weekend every week... dream on, huh?

So thats about it for my little adventures. Off now to read what everyone else has been up to!


Selina said...

YAY for the public holiday!!! You've been flitting around lots lately!! Still no trip to Mackay in sight?! The days have suddenly gotten shorter haven't they! Good for running though on weekends, don't have to be up so early to beat the heat :)
I'm so with you on the wondering aimlessly.. I'm lost since I finished my 12 weeks. I am going to go again with Sue, but not for another few weeks. I'm hoping to do the same, use my blog for accountability - like post eats and training done? Maybe we could hold each other too it?!?!
Enjoy your long weekend! Hope your pup is OK :)

Hilary said...

Thanks Selina - sounds like a plan!! I'll have to find out when you are starting your new programme, maybe I'll start one of my own at the same time... no trip to Mackay planned unfortunately, my next trip for work will be to Melbourne in June.

Antigone said...

Great to have you back:)
I know what you mean about having good music!!
I work so much harder with the tunes pumping i keeps me going when i feel i don't have anything left!!!
Glad to se you knocked your time down!!
Don't foget to be indepth about your goals and timeline it, Great motivation knowing you only have so much time to complete things!!

RaeC said...

Sounds like the perfect setting for a jog Hilary, I was quite envious!! Queensland is just gorgeous, and has very gorgeous people there too!! xxx

Shar said...


Have a great PH!!!!

I have asked in my local paper shp and they said Mid May for New You, have you got it yet?

I did find another old copy I had brought so I now know what mag you are on about.

Shar x