Saturday, April 08, 2006

I wanna go to Santorini!

How's this for a holiday destination? Hmmmm I could sit and dream looking at this photo all day!

My bi's and tri's are screaming at me today... love it! Had the best tricep and calf workout yesterday, and there was no way I could blow off my calf session, cos it was half of the entire workout! So I'm hobbling around a bit today.

Was a bit naughty and had a hot cross bun for meal 2 yesterday (with a protein shake). Had planned to have a diet yoghurt, but gee, that hot cross bun was just there. Man its so easy to fall back into old habits... then we had takeaway for dinner - Aaaauughhh!

Anyway, still training hard, so hopefully I havent done too much damage. Scale weight actually dropped a bit this week, but I want to be careful. It took me 12 weeks of hard work to lose 3 kilos, and there is no way in hell that I'm going to put them back on again!

Danger time for me is when I'm in the house alone - which I am now, so I'm now going to spend time reading everyones blogs to keep me focused.

We're having dinner with a friend of mine tonight - I'll get to see her 11 week old baby, the first time I'll have seen him since he was born!


Bella said...

Wow - that is an amazing Hotel - do you have the name of it? I have been to Mykonos a few times but never made it to Santorini...mmm...S A N TO R I N I ...dammit I opened my eyes and I still in Victoria - bloody freezing! LOL!. Hilary - you wont go back to your old ways - those days are over - you are too knowledgable now to ever go back - eating a hot crossed bun only happens once a year anyway...enjoy! ;-) xxx

RaeC said...

That is just a stunning view... I'm talking about Bella's profile pic above me... LMAO!! Just kidding!! I have always wanted to go to both Santorini and Africa.

Don't stress about the hot cross bun and takeaway. You are on top of things now and your mindset has totally changed from when I first met you. I agree with Bella, there is no way you will ever let yourself get back to where you were. So enjoy the occassional treat and don't beat yourself up over it, because we know that it's only going to be occassionally that you do it.

Love Rae xxx

Jadey said...

That picture is absolutely beautiful, I could sit there dreaming of that all day too... Like Bella asks do you have the name of it??

It's easy to fall back into bad habits hey, I know that feeling although since I have been on Coaches program, I don't have massively bad habits anymore, but I assure you I DID! How nice are hot cross buns, they are sooo divine, the Coles add on TV where they are toasted at the moment makes me want them so now I look away and do something when it comes on!

Jadey xxx

Jehanne said...

Looks like something from the maldives....
We have this awesome looking choc hot cross buns at the bakery where I work, packed with choc chips and I found the 15kg choc chip bag yesterday at No I didnt eat any, just looked at

Antigone said...

What a holiday destination!!!
We all have times where we are more suceptiable to eat "badly" but you just have to learn from your mistake and move on try not to beat yourself up too much:)
I bet he is very cute aspecially as he is only 11 weeks old doesn't it make you clucky:) I love babies!

Splice said...

Stunning picture, I just want to jump inside it lol.
I know you will stick with your diet as you have come to far with it already. One hot cross bun will do you good if anything.
Take care.