Thursday, April 06, 2006

Jogging again!

I'm having some computer problems at the moment. We had a big storm here in Brisbane the other night, and since then my ADSL connection is erratic. I seem to be able to connect in the mornings but not in the evenings! Was on the phone to my ISP last night, rang them 4 times and still couldn't find the cause, and now this morning I've been able to connect straight away! Grrrrr.

Anyway - happy to say that I'm jogging again! Yay! Its been about 3 weeks since I've been able to jog at all... so yesterday when I managed to jog for 20 minutes at 9km/hour, well I thought, thats not too bad! Its funny how quickly you lose your jogging stamina, even though I've been killing myself on the elliptical, its just not the same I guess. No knee pain (I think that my stretching and massaging of my quads and the muscles around the knee have been helping) so now there is no excuse for me not to improve on my jogging time and pace!

Its been inspiring for me to read Beki's and Selina's blogs, they're doing what I want to do - all that running training!!

Well back into the gym full on this week. I had an awesome back session on Mondays, can still feel those lats hurting, so it must have been good! I tried a new approach, something that I read on a Tom Venuto website I think, where you play with the tempo. I do sets of increasing weight but decreasing reps, then on the last two sets I drop the weight back to the starting weight and do 10 slow reps, then 8 fast reps straight away. It really gets your heart rate up, and the fact that there's no pause between the last two sets means you are really burning at the end. Its good to mix around these different techniques, makes the workouts more interesting.

Anyway, I must finish getting ready for work or I'm going to be laaaaate!


Splice said...

So happy to hear your knee is better and that you are back into it again.
I had the same internet connection problems today due to the lightning storms yesterday, but all is good now :-)
How is your daily nutrition going?

Sekhmet said...

More runners! The world needs more runners! Even if only for me to have more people to run with - lmao :)

Antigone said...

Glad to hear about your knee:)
Fantastic about your workout's and you know what they say "no pain no gain!"
Keep at it hun you will see the changes very soom!!