Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

So much for plans to sleep in! No such luck this morning. Stayed up last night to watch the Brisbane Lions get thrashed by St Kilda... very frustrating for a Lions supporter! I didnt even watch it all the way through - switched it off in disgust at the beginning of the final quarter (and it was after 11pm anyway, which is very late for me). Scott had already gone to bed sick, and he was coughing half the night too, poor thing.

Woke up at my usual time of 5am!! Grrrr. Dozed on and off till about 7, then got up and took the puppies for a MEGA walk. I took a different route today in order to get more hills in (its super hilly where I live) and Shavez (the boy) was so excited that he had to stop at every tree to have a sniff and a raise of his leg!! I've got a sore hand from pulling on the lead to make him hurry up! Then for Elke's turn she decided that it was a race up the hills, and my heart rate was up to 176bpm trying to keep up. Feels good to have gotten it out of the way though.

Had a lovely leisurely breakfast of an egg white omlette and wholemeal toast (a nice break from my oats and protein powder - but much more filling) and now I'm getting stuck into the housework. Everytime I read Em's blog I feel like I should be cleaning the house! So washing is half done, floors mopped, now its time for a break on the computer. You cant rush these things!!

Hope everyone is having a lovely day.


little rene said...

I love that Easter joke! I got sent it by my husband and I forwarded it on to everyone! I sooooooooooo can't wait until Sunday to have some chocolate! Luckily the Easter Bunny comes on my Cheat Day, it just proves that even he wants me to succeed on this Challenge! Have a great Easter Hilary,
love little renexxx

Shar said...

Hi Hilary,

your walk sounded fab, what good training partners you have!

Hae a good easter

Jehanne said...

hehe, my husband got that email too!
Dont ya hate it when your body keeps the alarm on when you so desperately want to sleep in.
Have a fab easter wont you!

Ali said...

LOL that joke is SO FUNNY, or I'm a little sick, umm probably both, enjoy the rest of your Easter Hilary,

ali :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Hilary!

Great to hear from you in blog land :-)

Got the names of my favourites setup ... but it would be nice if the links decided to work ... I shall keep on keepin on!!!