Monday, May 01, 2006

Lazy long weekend

This is my gorgeous niece and nephew, who I'm going to visit next weekend in Canberra! Cant wait to lavish them with pressies and lots of cuddles and kisses (what is an auntie for, after all?)

Another lazy long weekend for me. Hmmm, I'm starting to see a trend happening here. Saturday night my partner had a boys night to go on, so after I dropped him off down at Surfers Paradise, I went and got myself a girly DVD, cooked myself a nice free meal, did my nails, a few scotch and cokes (needed a break from red wine), read a bit of my book, and then watched my DVD. Then on Sunday I got up and met a girlfriend for a coffee (well I had a green tea actually), bought a new handbag (its red and its gorgeous, and I just want to go out somewhere so I can take it!!) and came home and relaxed!

So after such a lazy weekend I feel like a blob. I'm still thinking about my goals... the main reason I havent decided anything yet is this... a couple of people have asked me if I'd ever thought of competing (perhaps sportsmodel), and it has completely thrown me for a six. I had never considered it, and my initial reaction was "naaaaah - I dont wanna do that".

But its been stewing and stewing in my brain for a few days now, and I'm kind of not sure. I've never seen a competition before, so I dont know what its all about. I have read somewhere that there's a comp on the Gold Coast in May, so I might have to get myself to that to see what its all about. (Can anyone enlighten me on the details of this?)

Its all a scary thought actually! I'm used to being on stage because I was an ice skater when I was younger, and I was a dancer (tap and jazz) until I was 21, but this is a whole different kettle of fish! I imagine you'd need to align yourself with a coach, and have someone who'd done it before to guide you on posing etc. Its not something you could do on your own.

But on the other hand, I think this is something that I could really get my teeth into, and really give me a great goal to reach for, instead of this 'aimless wandering' that I'm doing now.

Anyway, I need to gather some information, go watch a comp, and then decide what I want to do. This week is going to be pretty busy, 3 days of work, then we have a 6am flight to Canberra on Friday. So I'm aiming to have my head down and back into it for next Monday. I will have some goals ready by then, but not all of them.

I have looked at the INBA website, can anyone direct me to some other websites that might be some help?

Hope everyone is having a great day!


Chontelle said...

Hey Hilary... your handbag sounds great... how about showing us a pic?
I'd love to know what you decide and your process of deciding whether to get into sports modelling. I haven't seen a comp before either, but have wanted to know a bit more about it since reading everyone's blogs. I would be a long way off actually entering anything, even if I decided to, but was just thinking the other day that having a goal of being on stage would be fantastic motivation to stay on track and achieve your goals. I am finding that, perhaps like you, without clear goals, I am wandering a little bit aimlessly as well, and would like to cement in my mind what I am aiming for.
Keep us updated!

Tracey said...

hilary there is a comp on the GC on the 28 May at the Southport RSL it is the Max's NABBA/WFF Comp for further information on times etc phone 5537 6680. I am hoping to go down their and see this one as well.

Splice said...

Hilary! Yes I think you should do it for sure!
I have seen the comp and I think it would be fun. Remember that's what it's all about anyway.
This way you will have a goal to work towards, something to keep you focused, it will be great.
Have a great time in Canberra and dont forget your jumpers. I am from Canberra but now live happily on the Gold Coast, much warmer up here :-).
Let us know what your decision will be.

Hilary said...

Hi Chontelle - I'm a long way off entering anything too (if I did), but you're right that without clear goals you feel a bit lost! Entering a comp would be a HUGE decision for me, so I've got some serious thinking to do!

Thanks Tracey for that info - I'm definetely planning on being at that comp, might get to meet you!

Splice thanks for the comments - I do agree that it should be fun! I think it would be, but totally nerve wracking as well!

Jehanne said...

Alright, go for gold! It's so great to have something to work toward, I know that for myself, if I wasnt training for a comp in oct I would probably not have the motivation to get to the gym every day!

Ali said...

Hi Hilary,

can't wait to meet you on the weekend :)

Competing in sports model would be a great goal for you to continue on your path of health and fitness, good idea to go to a comp and see what is involved.

I was blown away on the weekend listening to Kimmy and Sue discuss all that they have to do and prepare before their comp in July,

Ali xx