Wednesday, May 24, 2006

6 Degrees

It was 6 degrees in ol' Brisbane town when I went to gym this morning... brrrrr.... not used to these icy temperatures! Woke up when the alarm went off, stuck my toe out and thought "ooooooooh I dont wanna get up!". So I slept in 15 mintues, finally dragged my butt out of bed - of all days to have gotten shorts out to wear, I had to pick today! lol! But its all good, when I got there I soon warmed up.

Did 45 minutes of cardio (including 20 mins of jogging, I seem to have lost some of my jogging stamina) but could NOT stop thinking about breakfast during my cardio - so hungry! I had one of those mornings where I just thought "Gawd I'm just not in the mood for this today..." - sad but true. I stuck it out though. Rewarded myself with a steaming bowl of oats with protein powder and diet strawberry jam - yummy!

Tomorrow is legs, better get a good night sleep tonight, my mission is to have jelly legs tomorrow when I leave the gym. So I need to work HARD and concentrate on doing some nice slow, deep squats (although not too deep as I'm still scared I'm going to hurt my knee again). I have to go to work early on Friday so I may have to do my chest and triceps at home. Bummer. We have lots of weights at home, but I hate training at home. The dumbells are spin-lock ones, so it takes a while to get the weight set up, and for some reason I just cant get into training at home. Its not the people at the gym I miss (I dont talk to many people when I go to the gym) I think it might be the confinement of the small room or something. Anyway... I ramble.

Not that I really watch it, or follow NRL, but GO QUEENSLAND in the State of Origin tonight!


RaeC said...

What is this 6 degrees business??? I was hoping to leave all my cold weather gear home!! Looks like I'll be bringing the BIG suitcase to fit all my fur in (well faux fur anywho!!).

See you soon gorgeous!! Will be in contact with all the details xxx

Di Broeren said...

Hi Hilary

Just popped in to catch up on your blog and I see you are a Qlder. It would be great to catch up and have a coffee together next time I'm in BrisVegas.

I had to laugh at your post about losing weight on your fingers. Since I scored my rock off the man it is something I am really conscious of. In the few weeks prior to my last comp I didn't wear my ring for fear of it falling off!


CJ said...

It was minus 4 degrees here in sunny Canberra this morning! Any thoughts of going for a run just went straight out the window!


Hilary said...

Rae - not long til the weekend and I'll get to meet you! eeeek! Yes, bring your jumpers, its been a cold-snap in QLD the last few days!

Hi Di - thanks so much for stopping by. We will definetely have to catch up in Brisbane next time you're down. And I would be scared about losing my 'rock' too (if I had one, lol!)

Hi Cathy - I was in Canberra about 3 weeks ago, and we experienced a minus 2 overnight. So that was our 'winter' experience for this year I think! I'm with you though - couldn't imagine going out for a run in that temperature!


Ali said...

It sure is getting cold down here in good ole' Canberra, pretty lucky though we have only had a couple of frosts worth mentioning so far,

have an awesome weekend hilary :)

Ali xx

Lia Halsall said...

I'm hearing you Hilary.....I've started wearing a bandana into the gym of a morning to keep my head warm. :o)

Whatever it takes.....

Lia xx

jaime-lee said...

Be thankful you dont live in Adelaide Hillary! thats been like the last week! 6degrees! its so much harder to get up in the morning isnt it!

BUT as Rae would say SUCK IT Up! AND PUSH ON X X

Hilary said...

Hi Ali - yes, the cold in Canberra was an experience for us! I'm glad it doesn't get that cold here!

Hi Lia! At least you can make a fashion statement with your bandana (and a lot better than a beanie), and it serves a double purpose, keeps your hair off your face AND keeps your head warm!

Hi Jaime-Lee - I agree, it is so much harder to get up in winter... lucky we've formed these good habits in summer to get us through!