Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Before measurements and goals

Ok here it is...

Start date: 8/05/06
Finish date: 31/07/06 (12 weeks)

'Before' stats:

Weight: 56kg

Waist: 67cm
Hips : 90cm
Top of leg: R= 56cm L=55cm
Chest: 89cm

Tricep: 9mm
Hip: 8mm
Quad: 15mm

  • Within 12 weeks I will reduce my hip measurement to 85cm and my wasit to 62cm
  • Skinfolds: I will reduce my triceps to 4mm, my hip to 5mm and my quad to 12mm
  • I will eat 5 small meals per day
  • I will have ONE free choice meal per week
  • I will have alcohol at my free choice meal only
  • I will drink over 3 litres of water per day
  • I will be a comfortable size 8 (rather than a borderline 8-10)
  • I will have a defined set of abs
  • I will have NO cellulite!

Went to the chiropracter this morning, boy did I need it - you should have heard my neck. After chiro I went to the shops to try to find mum a mothers day present... no luck though. I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn't there to buy stuff for me!! I did well though, I picked up so many things and I just kept putting them back!

I found these most gorgeous pair of shoes- ... I want them! . I tried them on, walked about in them, and then put them back, how good am I?!! ;-)~

My pink leather ipod case arrived today (bought it off ebay for $0.01 - 1 cent!) so thats another exciting thing! I love new toys!

Anyway, its about time I cleaned my house and did some more washing. I just love being on holidays!


jaime-lee said...

Hi Hilary! wow you have some exciting new goals too! i cant wait to see the outcome or shall i say the NEW Hilary at the All Females, yes il be there...cant wait. Im 80% competing and what i mean by that i competed on April 8th at the wagga comps and placed 6th in Sportsmodel.....then i couldnt stop eating seriously! il have to get my comp photos up next to my current one cause im a bit of a mess right now, knowing it wont take long to get back into shape AFTER i stop eating so much LOL. Anyway so you may see me up there...stay tuned ; )

great meeting you too! x

little rene said...

Hi Hilary,
Glad to hear that you enjoyed your holiday. Sounds like you are really focused with some measurable goals and ready to start the countdown again! I am looking forward to following your journey. Thanks for everything, you are a very positive person and I love reading your blog.

Michelle said...

This "quote" made me think of you:)

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”

Mark Twain

Anonymous said...

I am lovin those shoes darl!!! That is a strong moment indeed to try them on, to love them and then put them back!!! Well you are certainly looking ready and raring to go again hey ... good on you ... that is brilliant ... I am so looking forward to following your new journey.

Take care and have fun.


RaeC said...

Hi Hilary!! Very excited about your new goals... you will no doubt achieve these as you have achieved all the other goals you set for yourself.

Those shoes look like a pretty good 'reward' if you ask me... LOL!! xxx

Chontelle said...

Hey Hilary! Love the shoes... and best of luck on your next 12 week challenge! We both started a challenge on the same day, so will be great to keep track of your progress! You are reminding me I need to post my goals etc.

Shar said...

Hi Hilary!!

I found NEW YOU!!!! stodd in shop and found you BUT had no money so couldn't buy it!! I'll go back!

Looking forward to following your next challenge.

shar x

Ali said...

those shoes look wonderful!

I'm lookintg forward to July like everyone else :)

Great goals there!!!

Ali xx

Hilds said...

Hi Hilary,

Awesome to see you have a new set of goals, i'm sure you will achieve everyone of them! I start my next 12 weeks on the 15th, so I'll keep in touch to keep me motivated. I should finish just before my 30th Birthday so that is something to look forward to!

P.S - Love the shoes, what amazing willpower you have!

Splice said...

You sound so happy and relaxed, you should holiday more often lol.
You sure know how to get a bargain off ebay lol, dosn't get cheaper then that! Hope the postage wasn't to high ;-)
Have a wonderful weekend Hilary.

Sekhmet said...

What what what??? You picked them up, you looked at them, you had them in your hands and then you put them back? And they are gorgeous? Is there something wrong with you woman???

Tracey said...

Hi Hilary, those shoes are just wonderful, one of the girls in the comp on Sat night had them on with her swimwear, they were very very noice.