Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I'm home... and straight back into it

I'm back from our trip to Canberra... it was lovely to see my little niece and nephew again, and how quickly they grow! Its been 6 months since I last saw them and they have changed so much in terms of talking, and developing their own little personalities. Great to catch up with my brother and sister-in-law too!

We had a great time in Canberra. It looks just beautiful at this time of the year - all the leaves on the trees are turning that lovely golden colour and dropping off the trees. We dont get anything like that in Brisbane (except maybe the Jacaranda trees).

We arrived at about 8am on Friday, and then had to walk accross the tarmac to the terminal building... a bit of an icy shock! Quite chilly at that time of the day! Spent the morning doing a bit of sight-seeing in the car with my sister-in-law, and then caught up with Bel for coffee at Manuka. It was just lovely to meet her, she is absolutely gorgeous, and we talked about all sorts of girly stuff! I felt like I knew her quite well anyway, as I was her Mentor when she did her programme with Sue. Great to finally be able to put a 'voice' to the photos/emails!

Then on Saturday we had morning tea at Mt Stromlo Observatory, lunch at Civic, and then we spent the afternoon at Questacon, Scott and I running around like a couple of kids in toyland!

On Sunday we had the most indulgent breakfast at a Pancake Parlour (so yum but a bit sickly) and then made our way to the airport where I met Ali! I heard all about Phat Camp, and we talked about the comp in Melbourne in July (I'm definetely thinking I need to get myself there and meet everyone else!). Ali had her gorgeous son with her too - he is just adorable! And how lucky am I to get to meet two wonderful like-minded ladies in the one trip? It was really inspiring to meet both Ali and Bel - thank you both for taking the time to meet me!

We were home by Sunday afternoon, and we had takeaway for dinner because (a) we had barely any food in the house and (b) I didn't feel like cooking anyway! So that was my final free meal for the weekend, and I was up and straight back into it on Monday, albeit a little later than usual (had to have a sleep in).

Today I finally went and got myself a new training journal from Rebel Sport, and I'll be quite pleased to write in it today that I have burned 768 calories!!!! Did legs + cardio this morning, and then this afternoon I have just taken the dogs for a 60min powerwalk. (how nice to be on holidays and have the spare time to do this... I dont wanna go back to work!)

I will be back tomorrow to post my before measurements and goals - but now its time to catch up on what everyone else has been doing!


Tracey said...

Sounds like you had such a wonderful time. Good on you for jumping straight back on the wagon, i know how hard it is to eat healthy when u come home & have no food in the house!!

Ali said...

Great that you got back all safe and sound :) It was a 'pleasure' to come and meet you Hilary!!

You must try and come in July, it will be great, and thanks for the nice comments and Jacob say's thanx too :)

Ali xx

Michelle said...

You are a true gadget addict!

Enjoy your new toys!!!! They should help you ROCK those goals!!!