Monday, May 22, 2006

I'm shrinking...

I'm shrinking... the chest department! lol! BF doesn't think its very funny though! (me neither actually)
First time I did a programme with Sue I lost some 'fullness' in the chest but stayed the same size essentially, but now its time to go buy some more bras I think, I've shrunk a whole size! Boohoo!! Oh well, one of the prices you have to pay I guess when you're shrinking your booty. ;-)~

Strangely enough, during my last challenge i lost weight/bodyfat from my FINGERS.... my skinny little FINGERS of all places!! I'm one of those people who wear a chunky ring on each finger and all my rings keep falling off. Now my fingers just look skeletal. What a dumb place to lose it, you'd think it would come off my butt or legs or something, but no, face, chest, fingers.... grrr

Sooo hungry today - had a lovely chicken and vegetable soup for lunch, which had rice in it for my carbs, but I'm still hungry. Its nice when your metabolism kicks in, but its not nice to be feeling so hungry that you cant think about much else! Got a HUGE bottle of mustard on the weekend - that should last a while!

Trained shoulders this morning, and then had 25min HIIT. Need to work off some of those carbs I had on my free meal. Bleugh I still feel heavy. I think I'm going to have to go without a free meal this weekend, it always ends up making me feel yuk and bloated, and I feel like it takes me half the week to lose the kilo that it makes me put on. I always overeat. Perhaps I'll just have a glass of wine as my free meal, and just eat as normal. I can handle that!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

My will shall shape the future. Whether I fail or succeed shall be no man's doing but my own. I am the force; I can clear any obstacle before me or I can be lost in the maze. My choice; my responsibility; win or lose, only I hold the key to my destiny. - Elaine Maxwell


Chontelle said...

I can relate to the annoyance at losing weight in all the wrong places! I don't even have much of a chest to start with so it is definitely the last place I want to lose weight! And my hips and thighs where I most need to lose it, is always the last place! Arrgh!
I can also relate to the extra kilo the day after a cheat meal! I apparently burned over 700 calories on my 11km run yesterday, and then ate well all day but had a cheat meal at night (roast at my parents with 2 glasses of red)... and presto... up by 1kg in the morning! I think I might take your suggestion and cut free meals, but just take the liberty to have one glass of wine a week as a "treat".

Ali said...

I can relate as well, I don't have much of a chest left either, my 14 year old is better endowed!!

Sounds like your doing great Hilary, keep up the good work and have an awesome week.

Ali xx

Splice said...

I know how you are feeling in relation to the bloatness!! I hate it so much. The body becomes so fined tuned to everything you put into it, and has adverse reactions to it lol.
I think it's best to forgo cheat days, I speak for myself and only when I am ona strict diet.
But, it sure sounds like you are still in great shape :-)
p.s. I was hoping to catch up with you while you are on the Gold Coast.

jodie said...

Here, here with the shrinking in the wrong parts!! Can totally relate!! The price we pay hey? Keep up the great work, love reading your post.

Tracey said...

I too know about the shrinkin fingers thing, weirdest place to loose body fat from, really not the place that u would expect to loose it from at all. I too was sick of the chest size dropping but not a problem anymore, too depressing to go back to that!!!

You will have to share your soup recipe though, I am always looking for another healthy one!!

Antigone said...

Yep i am with you darl, but then again i can aforrd to loose alittle there LOL and off my bum and hips and thighs LOL

I can't do the cheat meals anymore either i just go over board :(

Have a great week darl:)


Hilary said...

Chontelle - I'm glad I'm not the only one! Yeah I might try out my new plan this weekend! A glass and a half of wine is more than enough as a treat.

Ali - its annoying isn't it that we have to lose it from THERE! Dread to think what will happen if I have kids!

Splice, I'm going to follow your lead and go without the free meal. It just makes me feel yuk and takes the week to recover, so not worth it. Hope to catch up with you on the weekend!

Thanks Jodie - what a bummer of a price to pay huh?

Tracey my soup recipe isn't really a recipe. Its just chicken breast, french onion soup mix and chuck in some veges and a sprinkling of rice! Tasted pretty good though!

Hi Em, good to know that I'm not the only one who goes overboard on the cheat meals. Have a great week!

Hilds said...

Hi Hilary,

I can totally understand, I tend to over do it at the free meal too. So now I tend to opt for a pretty healthy free meal and just enjoy a couple of drinks. As once I start on the chocies or refined carbs I just can't stop! So I'm still learning its a constant battle, but your not alone!

All this talk of free meals and I'm already looking forward to mine as we speak! Yummmmmm!

Selina said...

Hi, hope your week is going well :)
Sounds like we can all relate to the shrinking chest disease. It's depressing, but a small price to pay!
Like your idea of the chook soup, how easy! Especially in winter...mmmm
Enjoy the rest of your week!