Wednesday, May 03, 2006

One more day...

...and then I'm on holidays!

Ah holidays... dont you just love them? I think that the actual thought of having holidays is sometimes just as good as the physical taking of them. Well not quite, but close! Just knowing that I'm having the week off next week is giving me the motivation to get through this week, and its been a pretty crap couple of days.

A funny thing has happened to me this week - I have developed an obsession with American Mustard!!!! I dont know why. On Saturday I cooked myself a steak sandwich and I topped it with mustard, and now I cant stop eating it. I'm having it on my chicken every night, all over my salads, I find myself squirting it all over everything, and then halfway through the meal I'll add some more!!! I cant believe I've never really had it before, and I just cant get enough of it. Oh well, I guess there's worse things to be addicted to! I went through a phase earlier this year when everything had to be covered in hommus...

Did my leg workout this morning, I really didnt want to. On each exercise I kept saying to myself "I might skip the next exercise", but I still did everything anyway. I dont know why I've suddenly got an aversion to leg workouts, I guess its cos I find them harder than anything else. Come Monday I'll have a new training routine, a new workout journal (I love new journals, it reminds me when I was a kid at school and you got a brand new exercise book - spotless, clean, not dog-eared) and a new attitude. I'll also have a new set of goals mapped out, and all my measurements. Cant wait!

Yesterday I got sent two copies of New You mag - hot off the press. Dont think its in the newsagents yet. My story is on page 60, its the same story that I wrote for WF&H, with an updated picture of me with my two best training partners - our dogs. It turned out quite well I think!

Lots to do... probably wont be back here until next Monday - hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!


little rene said...

Hey there Hilary,
I get addictions all the time and at the moment it is to tabasco sauce! I have it on breakfast, lunch and dinner! Before that I was addicted to Trident thai soup (Tom Yum Goong flavour) and then Hot English mustard!Unfortunately I don't eat the soups anymore because they are too unhealthy. Thanks for the lovely comments about my photos!

Anonymous said...

Hey Hilary!

Having a crazy image of you going on a rampage with your little bottle of mustard :-)

I have actually added a new favourite thing to my list this week too ... Bundaberg Diet Ginger Beer ... OMG ... how good is that stuff ... think I bought the local Nightowl out of all their stock last week-end!!!

Hope you have an awsome holiday and a really relaxing time away.

M :-)

Ali said...

I get little addictions like that at times, recently mine was the dressing Sue suggests, with balsamic vinegar and mustard, Gosh I would have that at least two to three times a day.

Great that you are creating new goals for yourself and getting a new program on Monday. That's always motivational!!

Ali xxx

Tracey said...

American Mustard is one of my favourites as well, my son is actually addicted to it that bad that when he has a sandwich it is usually american mustard and tomato sauce, kinda like a hotdog but without the dog & cheese. I always purchase different kinds of mustards, they are just great to add to just about everything.

Splice said...

woohoo what a great post! You are sounding much better hun, it's great to hear.
I am going through the same phase but mine is chilli sauce. I am pouring it over almost everything. I laughed when I read about you doing the same with American Mustard. I think it's a habit we get into. It could be worse I guess.
Take care.

Kaddy said...

enjoy your hols Hil, hope you have a fantastic time!

Antigone said...

I am sooo with you on the leg's i hate leg day's and yesterday was leg day for me and i was telling myself the same thing!!!
It's nice to know your not alone :)

Selina said...

Hey Hilary!! So jealous of you being on holidas (hmm i just got back tho, so should keep my mouth shut!!).
American mustard... hmm haven't caught onto that one!! Might have to give it a go if its as good as you say!! hehe I was doing that with Tuscan seasoning a while back :)
I've been checking the newsagents for the new New You but still not here yet, can't wait to read your article!!
Enjoy your holiday!!

Sekhmet said...

Good on you for getting the workout in - it's usually only the thought of it that is worse than actually doing it. i find that with my runs when I am not in the mood, I usually remind myself of a great run that I had when i didn;t want to do it and that is enough motivation to get out there!

Hmmm, holidays....I'm sooo jealous!

RaeC said...

My current obsession is the balsamic vinegar I mentioned on my blog the other day.

That would be awesome if you decided to compete!! Some of the websites are: (WFF as well here)

A really good coach in Queensland who is an awesome lady and very helpful is Di Shipway - and also Jo Rogers who can help with posing and choreography - I hope this helps honey!! xxx

Michelle said...

Hi Hilary!!!

O.K. - you know I'm in the States - I give - what's the difference between your mustard and ours?

Are you addicted to the basic yellow "french's" kind - or do you have access to our spicy dijon ones? How about flavored?

Yup - we Americans definitely DO have too many options - on too many things:)