Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Another day done and dusted

Well I've had another fabulous day in terms of training and nutrition. Did an hour of cardio this morning which had me absolutely dripping by the time I was done... I was actually embarrassed by the amount of sweat I was producing, like I was wiping my face every minute because it was just running in rivers down my face. Gross huh?!!!! Felt good though!

Eats were great - my metabolism has definetely picked up this week, I am constantly hungry! I have increased my veges and salad portion in the last few days because I'm STARVING! You should have seen the size of my salad tonight, hehehe it was huge! No matter, it was mostly iceberg lettuce, with onion, capsicum, cucumber and cherry tomatoes on top...

AND--- disaster--- I have almost run out of mustard! Well, the bottle is currently upside down in the fridge in order to get every last drop out of it. On Saturday I'm buying the mega bottle. :) I need a life LOL!

Scott and his mate are watching the Mundine vs Green fight tonight, and they are pigging out on McFlurrys right now. I quite proudly said "No thanks" when I was offered one. I have no desire for ice cream at the moment, or wine actually.

Paid for my ticket to go watch the All Female Classic in Melbourne today!! I have also booked my flights, and organised my accomodation with Alison and Kerry... I am so excited! I cant wait to meet everyone!

"If you don't invest very much, then defeat doesn't hurt very much and winning is not very exciting."- Anonymous


RaeC said...

Ooooh... how exciting!! I can't wait to meet you at the AFC!!

Great news to hear your metabolism has cranked into high gear and your workouts are on fire!! But if I were you I'd be heading to the shops WAY before Saturday for the mustard!! When I have my little tasty things like that, I always nip into shops to get some if I run out. I could never wait a few days before shopping day... LOL!! xxx

Jehanne said...

lol, maybe I should try this mustard, I bought some of Rae's balsamic vinegar, boy is that stuff good!!!!

Antigone said...

Snap i paid for mine too hehe I am so excited i am bouncing off the walls :)
And boy is it keeping me working hard at the gym talk about pushing to the limits lastnight hehe
Gotta love that feeling when you finished :)
Keep up the great work hun, i reckon you would still be beautifull sweaty or not :)

Ali said...

Great to hear how well you are going Hilary, I am so looking forward to July!!(not to mention uni holidays are then too :) )

Sweat is good!!!!

ali xx

Kerry said...

Let me know what time your flight gets in and if it suits my travel plans I'll pick you up because I come into Melbourne that way. I have a big car for luggage and passengers.
I can't wait.


Hilary said...

Thanks Rae! I got through tonights dinner by opening the mustard bottle and scraping out the sides... lol! Tomorrow nights dinner might have to miss out though!

Jeh I dont know what's wrong with me, I've never been particularly keen on mustard, so it might just be my weird taste buds... give it a go though!

Thanks Em - dont know about being beautiful when sweaty though, I'm one that goes beetroot red when I've had a good cardio session. Not a good look!

Hi Ali - I cant wait too! In fact, its the one thing that I cant stop thinking about!

Kerry, what a fantastic offer - thank you! I'll send you an email re my flights and other details, hopefully we can work something out. Eeeek - so excited!

jaime-lee said...

Hey Hilary! wow we'll get to meet eachother too! Jadey and I are competing together in Sportsmodel (well if i decide to compete that is but il be there regardless competing or not!)AND Rae and Sue in Figure.....its just going to be so much fun.....and sweetng HOTTIE in the gym is SEXY girlfriend! hahaha im weird i know x x

Michelle said...

Seems to be a common theme this week - just how much we are all eating!!! LOL!

Folks are always accusing us of starving ourselves - if they only knew the truth....

Hope you find some more mustard - FAST!

XO - Michelle

rice said...

Great work saying no to the ice cream.. I can never just say no.. I have to run away..



Selina said...

I was sitting here eating a MASSIVE salad as I read your post, and had to giggle! I'm not the only one that has about 1kg of lettuce with my salad!! But it sooo just filled me up *pats full belly* hee hee :)
I'm soooooo extremely jealous of you girls going to Melbourne. I checked flights again the other day, and thought seriously about it - AGAIN - now that I have another staff member to cover me... hmmm is it too late?!?! I WANNA GO!! *spits the dummy* :) You guys will have heapsa fun!
Enjoy your weekend :)

Hilary said...

Hi Jaime Lee - I cant wait to see you girls shake your booty up on stage!!

Michelle, I know what you mean. People just cant believe how much I eat, they just dont understand how you can be eating all the time and still get fit!

Thanks Rice - It was a very proud moment, saying no to the ice cream! I have been known to sit and watch people eat it and drool! lol!

Selina I wish you would come to this comp! Not only would I love to meet you, think of how inspirational and motivational it would be... maybe you could use it as a tax deduction - you know, claim it as a work expense... research!