Friday, May 12, 2006

Put on weight

Me and my niece last weekend

So... I've put on weight this week - 0.7kg. I got on the scales this morning to be absolutely horrified with what I saw. Ok, so I haven't been totally strict with my diet this week (that for me is the trouble with not being at work, I lack routine), although I have been training hard.

I'm HOPING that the extra weight is due to a delayed response to my 'free-for-all' food weekend last weekend. I'm sure I read somewhere that it takes a week or two for an eating "binge" to have an affect on your body. (although I didn't binge - I just ate lots of sugar!) I hope so. Anyway, time to batten down the hatches, I'm nearly finished week 1 - only 11 weeks to go! Time to make some daily self-promises to myself, and keep them.

Today was productive. My last day of holiday *sob*. I washed and vaccuumed the car, then spent most of the day painting our new shed in the backyard. I'm such a messy painter! I take so much time to be patient and careful, doing all the cutting in nicely, then I look down and I've got big drips of paint up the walls! My hands and nails are all covered in paint now, so looks like its time for a manicure and some fresh nail polish.

Didnt get to take the dogs for a walk this afternoon cos the painting took much longer than I expected, but I will get in a powerwalk tomorrow and Sunday (Sundays might have to be a short one - Mothers' Day). AND I'm going to eat totally clean all weekend, that's a definite!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Jehanne said...

You think you are a messy painter? You should see me, actually everything I do ends up in a mess... but I do have fun. Hope you enjoyed your painting and your holidays. They always go way to quick hey!

Ali said...

Hilary that is a gorgeous pic of you and your niece.:)

Enjoy your weekend and good luck with going back to work next week

ali xx

Selina said...

Damn damn damn those scales :) As I've been told over and over lately, just resume as normal and everything will come back into line.
Don't ya just hate the last day of holidays!! Glad you had a good one though :) Good luck (not that you need it!) at staying all weekend!!
Have a great one :)

Kerry said...

Please don't come to our house to paint. Reid is Mr. Fussy Boots. It takes him days to paint a room and it is very painful to watch. I say watch because I'm not allowed to help. He let me once and did a good job.
My scales do that to me all the time. I am learning not to take notice especially if I know I've done nothing wrong. It seems to be working too.


Antigone said...

That little gain will be gone in no time hun ;)
Stick at it eat clean work hard and you will be proud of the end result!!!
You can do it!!

Splice said...

Hilary that tiny speck of weight you say you put on is probley not true.
You can't go by what the scales tell you!!!!! You should know that by now. How can your scales tell the difference between your fluid weight (which changes constantly), your muscle weight etc? It can't hun.
So, unless we have more evidence such as measurements, then I dont think you put on any weight lol.