Monday, May 29, 2006

Saw my first comp!

Here's Jadey, Rae, me and Splice at the comp yesterday! I felt so short! (and I'm not really that short!)

Well yesterday I watched my first ever comp... and it was fantastic!! I got to finally meet Rae, Jadey, Bella, Splice and Andrea! Rae looked absolutely stunning and gorgeous up on that stage, so graceful and totally at ease with sooooo many other girls! It was such a big field!! (I think there were 14 competitors). We all made as much noise as we could to cheer her on! Well done Rae - I think you were amazing, and such an inspiration!

It was quite a long show, I only stayed up until intermission at 4pm, and the show started at 10.30am. So I didn't get to see any of the NABBA stuff (all the WFF classes were on first), but unfortunately I had things to do (like do all my cooking of lunches for the week, put a roast chicken on, do some ironing of work clothes... the usualy Sunday stuff).

It was so cool to meet the girls. I felt a bit strange saying to my BF that I was off to this comp and meeting "some friends from the internet" - sounds a bit shady you know! But I was so happy to meet such a great group of like-minded women, and all such lovely people too! :)

The downside to going to the comp was the fact that I didn't drink all my water, and my meals were all out of whack. Never mind, it was so inspiring to see all those buff bodies up on stage - at the gym this morning I couldn't stop thinking about how fit everyone looked, and how hard I needed to work lol!

I'm going to catch up with Rae and Jadey tomorrow before Rae catches her plane... lucky I've got a great boss!

My plans to NOT have a free meal didn't eventuate... my free meal consisted of cheese and crackers, and 3 glasses of white wine (eeeek). I normally drink red wine, but I went with white this time for a change. It gave me the worst headache, and of course all that cheese wasnt a good idea either. Actually felt really gross and horrible afterwards. Will I ever learn?

Next Sunday I'm off to Melbourne for two weeks for work (well I'm coming home for the long weekend in the middle) so my schedule will be all out of kilter, again! At least I get to stay at a hotel that has a gym, but eating on plan can be a bit of a challenge. I have to take lots of food with me, otherwise I tend to make unwise choices. Not sure how I'm going to cope with the cold weather, I'm definetely going to take my scarf and beanie!

Ok well I've rambled on enough I guess. I'm still on such a buzz from yesterday! Have a great week everyone!


Lia Halsall said...

Great photo! I'm glad you enjoyed your day, I know that I always do whether I'm competing or spectating.

When you're down here I'd love to meet for coffee, if your schedule permits of course. :o)

Lia xx

Splice said...

The picture turned out nice!
It was a great day. I can't wait to meet up again soon.
Take care,

Wobbly man said...

Great photo! Sounds like you lot got on like a house on fire.

jaime-lee said...

Mrs Hilary Im missing from that photo!! ; ( hehehe maybe next time.

When it comes to a nice drop of red wine WITH cheese and crackers i dont think we will EVER hits a weak spot TRY living in the state were the best wines come from! Were off to the Barossa at the end of July for a long awaited 1st year wedding Aniversary, since i was dieting through March (19th) we couldnt do much but go for a picnic and eat tuna and salad...mmmm yeh nice and romantic that was WE STUNK!LOL. X X

Hilds said...

Hilary that must have been so good to meet everyone and be and the show. I'm sure it would be very motivating, I think anyone who can get up on stage in a bikini deserves a medal. I'm hearing you with the free meal thing. I did it again this week went overboard with drinks and ate more than I needed to and its taken me a good few days to feel normal again. You'd think I'd learn!!!! (maybe one day I'll get it!). Have a great week!

Antigone said...

I cant wait to meet rae and you and ali and wow not long to go hehe.
Sounds like you had a great time away and at the comp :)
Have a great time working in melbourne!

Bella said...

Next time I will make sure I am around to be in that pic also! - sorry we missed our goodbyes - but I will see you again in only a few weeks!!! WOOHOO - you did say you were going to INBA didnt you? I probably asked 100 times - but that whole day was so action packed I cant remember what I said - only how Rae looked! I N C R E D I B L E! Hilary it was so cool to meet you - even if you didnt know who the hell I was when I jumped out of the taxi!! LOL xxx

Bella said... I look that different from my Jane Fonda profile pic...*ahem* LOL!! x

Ali said...

Great to hear you had such an awesome time Hilary, and what a wonderful pic!!

Not long now till July :)

Ali xx

Hilary said...

Thanks Lia. It was a fantastic experience watching that comp! Super motivating. Would love to catch up with you when I'm in Melbourne - will send you an email soon!

Hi Wobbly Man... we really did all get on like a house on fire. That's what's so great about this community I guess, everybody is so supportive of each other, and when we DO meet its like we're old friends!

Jaime-lee - Wine, cheese & crackers - always been my weak spot! It must be VERY hard not to indulge when you have so much lovely wine in your region. Hope you enjoy your belated anniversary in July!

Hi Hilds! Going to see the comp was an amazing experience... something I would highly recommend to anyone! I dont think you can beat it for inspiration and motivation. I hate that "after" feeling too when you've overindulged in your free meal. I think my next goal is to restrict my free meals!

Em - you are right - not long to go now til we all get to meet! I cant wait to meet you too - I think we are going to have an absolute BALL in July! All the girls are totally gorgeous, I have never met a nicer group of people!

Bella! lol! I'm so sorry I didn't realise it was you when you got out of the taxi! I thought you might be waving to someone who was behind me!! hehehee. Was so fantastic to meet you too... cant wait til July!

Thanks Ali, I think that weekend in July is going to be HUGE for all of us!

Jehanne said...

Great pic! Sounds like you had such an awesome time. How exciting getting to meet new people is, especially all these gorgeous girl in blog land!

Selina said...

Wow Hilary, you all look great!! What a bunch of hot chicks!!! tee hee Glad you all had a fab time, Like Jaime-Lee, next time I'm gonna be in there too!!!!
Enjoy your week :)

Hilary said...

Thanks Jeh! I'm absolutely loving meeting so many new friends! Hopefully one day I'll get to meet you too!?

Hi Selina - thanks - does that mean that you are going to go the All Female Classic? Hope so!

Hilary xx

Chontelle said...

Hey Hilary,
How cool that you got to watch a comp, and meet up with everyone! I would have loved to be there!
I know what you mean about meeting people on the internet. My husband thinks it is a bit weird, and is a bit suspect about me wanting to meet people... but I already feel like so many of us bloggers are family... I think it will be great to meet in person! (Even some of you guys are really axe murderers! lol!)

Chon xxx