Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hello Bundaberg

Once again, here I am, blogging from another exotic location LOL! (No offence to anyone from Bundaberg)

Today saw me drive 5 hours to Bundy, and I have to say, it’s a LOOONG drive. I knew I was in trouble when, after driving for a measly 10 minutes, I started yawning…

I made it here safe and sound though – once I bought myself a VERY strong Long Black (upsized it too – thought I might need the extra caffeine) I was buzzing along.

My (company) car does not have cruise control, or a CD player – yes its old! So I am very glad that I listen to Triple J radio, I just had to keep changing the frequency as I made my way up the coast.

So with some cool tunes, a long boring drive and only myself for company, I came up with some useless, pointless trivia to pass the time!!

- I have lived in 15 different houses
- I went to 7 different schools
- I have been to 9 countries
- I have had 7 different cars: Holden Barina, Daewoo Cielo (how embarrassing!!) Honda Civic, Mitsubishi Pajero, V8 Ford Fairmont Ghia (my favourite), Nissan Xtrail, Toyota Camry
- In the time that we have been together (9 years) OH has owned 17 different cars – yes you did read that correctly - 17.


I didn’t make it to gym on Monday morning, so I did some afternoon cardio instead. This morning I trained legs… I’m feeling it already. I brought a kickboxing DVD with me on this trip, so this afternoon after I checked into the hotel, I was punching and kicking in my hotel room !! Except that I kept getting a hamstring cramp when doing one particular move – hope I’m not too sore tomorrow.

I wont be visiting a gym while I’m here, so tomorrow morning I’ll be doing some pushups, tricep dips, lunges, crunches etc in the hotel room again. I’m off to Hervey Bay and Maryborough tomorrow – home on Thursday – Yay!


Antigone said...

Wow hun you were bored!
I hope that your leg DOMS aren't too bad for you and that the time flies and you are home safe and sound :)

Selina said...

At least you kept yourself amused!!
Still haven't made it this far north huh?!

Kimmy said...

Boys will be boys :) I bet your hubby is proud that he has owned 17 cars :)
Yes there are certainly no excuses when we go away - we just need to have another plan.
Keep up the great work.
Live with Passion