Friday, April 25, 2008


... of the furry variety. Here's a few recent snaps of our beautiful ones...

Connor - walking up his covered ramp to get into the house...

Mum and dads' little one - Ben... with his Kong...

First time at the beach! Shavez and Elke experienced the waves for the very first time today. Shavez was not impressed!

Elke, just before a mini wave came and nearly washed her away LOL!

So this morning we took the dogs to the beach for the first time ever, and they loved it! Well, Shavez didn't particularly like the water, but he loved the rest of it. We took them to an off-leash dog friendly beach, and I couldn't believe how many people were there with their dogs. It was great, and definetely something we'll do again. We didn't dare let our two off their lead though, they're not used to being around other dogs and we weren't sure how far away they'd run with all the excitement! Maybe next time. Luckily they are due for a hydrobath tomorrow to get rid of most of the sand and salt-water.

I had an interesting experience on Monday at the gym. I was doing dumbell side raises, and halfway through the first set I felt something go "ping" in my right shoulder blade. I gritted my teeth and finished the set (stupidly) but then couldn't continue. So I got on the cross trainer but found I was unable to turn my head to the right due to the shooting pain in my neck and shoulders... grrrrr.... so I went home and got ready for work. All day I was in pain, it was awful not being able to turn my head. I rang my chiro and got in to see him that day. He initially thought it was my trapezius - but instead it turned out that I had thrown a rib out of alignment in my back!!!
So I had a rather painful adjustment from him, and its slowly getting better. I'd say I now have about 80% range of movement now. I go back next week, so hopefully it will get sorted out completely. Its just so stupid. I kept saying to OH - its not like I did anything differnently. I didn't go up in weight, I have been doing that exercise for the last few weeks, perhaps my form was a little off or something? Makes you realise how easy it is to hurt yourself from something so simple.
The rest of the week has been great, I've been training hard (after a day off due to neck/shoulder) and eating clean, so its all good! Have a great weekend all!


Andj said...

Hi Hilary

All your pics a just georgous - especially the pussy cat but I am a bit partial.

That is so weird about your rib - I have very mobile rib facet joints on one side and I know how painful that can be. It does suck when you know that you haven't really done anything different to normal though.


Anonymous said...

It can be so much fun taking the dogs to the beach, it's always funny to see how they react with the waves.

Weird about the rib, but i'm glad it's all on the mend. I would imagine it was incredibly painful.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Kristy said...

Hi Hilary

Your pics are beautiful and it sounds like a great day on the beach.

That is really strange with the rib thing, but hope you are fully recovered soon.

btw can't wait to meet you at the Gold Coast for a post drink (mmmm champagne and orange juice)


Antigone said...

I hope a good nights sleep helps you feel better :)
I love the pics hun talk about a happy furry family :)
Have a great weekend :)

Magda said...

What a strange experience with your shoulder/rib Hilary. Years ago I dislocated my sternoclavicular joint teaching Pump (weights too heavy in biceps and probably other tracks). For ages I couldnt lift my arm over my head and it still sticks out a bit but all mobility is ok. Sometimes the weirdest things happen and we cant explain them.



Raechelle said...

Beautiful babies!
I hope your owy is healing now!