Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I threw my stupid rib/neck/back/whatever it is out again on Sunday... its just so stupid! So once again I couldn't turn my head. I was only leaning over something, and I had all my weight on my right arm, and then I felt my back go into a crampy spasm. Grrrrr

So back to the Chiro again yesterday, and he couldn't fix me!! Apparently the whole area is frozen solid and he coulnd't get it to move, so I have to go back on Wednesday so he can have another go. Meanwhile I am becoming a misery to be around. I take my hat off to anyone who suffers chronic pain - I dont know how they do it!! I've only had this stupid thing for a week and its so frustrating.

I said to OH last night "Do you think I will be right to train in the morning?"

His look clearly told me he thought it was a stupid question!! LOL. Its so easy to tell other people they need to rest, but its quite a different thing to take your own advice. So I havent trained since Sunday. I will see how I go tomorrow.

And to all you "oats with cottage cheese" lovers out there: you will be happy to know that it iS possible to convert a non-lover! Yes I have been converted. I missed my oats so much since I had to stop having protein powder, that I persisted with the oats/cottage cheese combo. I gagged and held my nose for the first couple of times, but now I have perfected the art and got just the right timing on the microwave. My tip is, dont add any water. And I'm enjoying it more and more every day - go figure!


LizN said...

I've never got to try oats and cc but I have a friend who swears by it. I'm still happy with my protein powder.


Selina said...

After all these years we've finally got you to join us on the dark side!! Think of all that yumminess you've been missing!!!!
Do you add the s/f maple syrup, or is your tum too sensitive for that?

Magda said...

Hilary please share how you make it and how it turns out (oats + cottage cheese). I'd be interested to try it.



Carolyn said...

Hi Hils! If you don't have success with the chiro, I'd really recommend a physio. I have found them to be excellent for treating issues I have had. We have a great one here in Gladdy I go to - and he goes to my gym too!

I'm a little suss on chiros myself, I am probably maybe a bit biased on this front but I'd still recommend a physio if you don't get the relief you're after. They might also be able to give you some exercises or stretches to prevent recurrence of your injury too - this is what I have had.

Anyway, glad to hear you have converted to the oats and cc! Finally!
Carolyn :)

Kimmy said...

I love my oats and cottage cheese now - it took me a while to get used to them though.
I cook my oats with water, then add cottage cheese, blue berries and slithered almonds. It is just beautiful.
I found some sweet chilli low fat cottage cheese at the supermarket the other day - it is so nice on rice cakes.
Hope your neck etc is better soon.
Live with Passion

Shar said...

Hope your back gets better Hils.

Shar x

Magda said...

Thanks Kimmy, that sounds like its worth trying :-)



PS Still want to know your version Hil

Antigone said...

I hope your feeling better hun :)
I have never tried cc on my oats I love my protein powder and I add apple to mine yummy :)

Kristy said...

Hope your feeling better soon Hilary...

btw I think I'll skip the cc. I am very happy with just oats at this stage, but glad it's working for you :)

Andj said...

Hi Hilary
Good to see you persisted with the oats and CC - I'm not there yet and don't think I ever will be!
I would have asked the question about training in the morning as well.