Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Check out my new "litte brother"!!!!

Naaaaawwww.... soooo cute!!!

Mum and Dad popped in for a visit on Sunday afternoon, and brought this beautiful little boy with them - they had literally just picked him up! They've been talking about getting a little dog for ages now (its been 8 years since their last dog - their last place didn't allow pets) and now that they've moved house they thought it was high time to get a little companion... so meet 'Ben'! He is a Yorkshire Terrier, 8 weeks old, and just the sweetest little thing ever! I just didn't want him to leave - OH and I just LOVE puppies. Yorkies are arguably the smallest dog in the world (I think chihuahua's also claim this title though LOL!)

Right now I'm eating oats and cottage cheese for breakfast, and I'm trying not to gag :) I mixed in some strawberry jam, but it hasn't helped much... It seems that my stomach wont tolerate ANY protein powder any more, even the stuff without artificial sweeteners. I had two serves of "stevia-sweetened" protein powder last Tuesday, and then developed a pain in my upper stomach for the next 3 days. :( So it looks like all of my protein needs are going to have to come from whole foods, which is fine - just needs a little more preparation and organisation!

Yesterday morning I was so slack - it was so nice and warm under the doona, and the air outside felt so cool... I slept in! I had been having a 'delicious' sleep - one of those really GOOD, heavy sleeps that you dont get very often - so I thought "bugger it" and skipped gym.
I think it did me good though, cos I trained legs and shoulders this morning and absolutely CAINED them! Did weighted walking lunges at the end of the leg session and OMG my legs were burning - gotta love that :)
And then this morning I finally broke through the 60kg barrier - 59.8!! Its been probably 6 months since I was under that - so I am stoked. I have been hovering between 60 and 62kgs for ages, gaining and losing the same bloody 1-2kgs each week, so its nice to finally get a breakthrough. Just gotta stay focused!


Anonymous said...

soooo cute, i want a cuddle

Antigone said...

What a cutie :)
Congratulations on your weight hun and yep I'm the same with sleeping in when its a good sleep in and I reckon you do wake up really good for it :)

Doris's New Beginning! said...

I'm with Cat - I want a cuddle. I love puppies, they are so cuuuuuttte. Hey haven't seen you for a while at the gym. you sound like everything is aok now!

Dianna Broeren said...

Aaaaaawwww...what a gorgeous little fella! I love puppies too :)

Congrats on the breakthrough in your weight drop. Try your breakfast mix with oats, cottage cheese and few almonds and 1/3 cup of frozen raspberries. It's delicious and adds sweetness and texture.

Raechelle said...

Just adorable!
Too bad about the protein powder problem.
Sounds like that rest did you good! The body needs a break every once in a while for sure!

Kimmy said...

Cute Puppy, great weight loss - it is amazing how those 50's can be so motivating. Hey i'm with Di on the blueberries and almonds - it took here a while to convince me but now I am hooked on that stuff.
Keep Smiling and live with Passion

jodie said...

Too cute Hils! :)

Selina said...

Are you SURE you're doing the oats and cottage cheese thing right?!?! It's the beestest meal of the day for me!! You have to be doing something wrong ;)
Bummber bout the pro powder though. Since you've posted your problems with artificial sweetner, I've given it the boot and feel better for it. When i do use it again, I do feel uncomfortable.??