Thursday, July 16, 2009

Week 17 random stuff

Wow, time is just flying! Cant believe we've been married for over a month now!

Things are good, but I'm feeling a lot more tired. I sleep well, but I'm dreaming a lot. I read that its common in pregnancy to get a lot of REM sleep, but you miss out on some deep sleep. That must be whats happening. Plus, every time I roll over, I wake up - mainly because my belly is starting to get a little uncomfortable, but also because sometimes when I roll over I get a sharp abdominal pain like I've pulled a muscle.

Middle of the night toilet stops have diminished - I can go right through without having to get up now! Although I've heard that this will again start up once I get bigger - oh the joy! Hopefully the weather will be warmer by then.

I have a little belly now, and its so cute! Although I'm still at the stage where I just look a bit fat, rather than pregnant! Lucky its winter and I can wear longer jackets. I've got really really itchy skin though, and its driving me mental.

I'm slowly adjusting to the granny knickers now (note: granny knickers are anything other than a g-string) but I still wear a g-string a few days a week - but its getting a bit uncomfortable.

Had my first hospital visit yesterday and it was all good - mainly just filling out paperwork and answering heaps of questions. Had a weigh in , which I didn't like much - their scales had me 2kgs heavier than mine at home! Boohoo! LOL! Although I was fully clothed, with shoes on, and it was 4pm, a bit different to my own weigh ins. Its weird watching the scales go up, and being ok with it. I haven't put on too much yet, but I know I've lost some muscle.

Did have a bit of a fright when she listed for tic tac's heartbeat - and for about 15 seconds, she couldn't find it... I think I stopped breathing until she did!! But there it was, nice and strong and loud - phew!

I got given a bag of goodies to take home (I love sample bags!!) which was full of pamphlets, brochures, sample creams and nappies etc. I read them all last night while hubby watched the State of Origin - I dont think I glanced up even once!! Went to bed at half time though - did we win????

I did a cycle class this morning, the first one in about 8 weeks. It was nice to do something different, and I managed to hold myself back for the majority of the class, not pushing too much or getting my heart rate too high (until the last track, then I kinda forgot myself a bit and went hard - oops). It was nice to do something in a group atmosphere again!

Anyway, enough ramblings! Here's a few more wedding photos...

These white Havaianas were such a great idea for the wedding reception - once the speeches were over I kicked off my heels and put these on - I was so comfortable and was able to dance the night away in them! Not so glamourous, but hey, comfort rules I reckon!


Kerry W said...

Glad your hospital visit went well Hilary. And your haviannas??...what a great idea. Sorry I won't catch up with you on Saturday. Enjoy the coffee and the company.

Valley Girl said...

The thongs cracked me up & not being a heel girl myself I so totally understand, comfort must come 1st...

Beautiful photographs, & the lawn was beautiful in the golf buggy shot!

Shar said...

Hey Hils
I rmember the 'holding the breath' moment with my 2nd one, it felt like ages from when she put the doppler on my belly to when I heard the heartbeat, horrible feeling.

Glad you enjoyed your cycle class.

Shar x

jodie said...

Hey Hils!
Glad to hear things are going well. Yes I held my breath everytime I went into the Dr's and they were trying to find Logan's heartbeat. A few seconds seem like forever. I had itchy skin too, my feet in particular. The last few weeks it was terrible.

Rebecca said...

Those wedding photos are awesome Hilary. You look stunning, like a gorgeous glowing bride :)

I hope that everything went well at the hospital appointment and bubs is growing well. So exciting!!

xox Rebecca

Majiik Happens said...

Hi Hilary,

Congrats on your wedding and the pregnancy, has been sooo long since I have caught up with everyones blogs.

Just read your post on the itchy skin and it driving you mad. There is a pregnancy related skin thing that hopefully you dont have but one for you to look at if you feel it gets worse. Abbreviated name cause I forgot the long one is "PUPPS". Should be able to plug it in on google and get info. Fingers crossed you dont have it but info if you do. Not many practitioners tell you about it cause it is a rare thing. My sister in law had it and she got it with both her pregnancies but it drives you absolutley mad with the scratching and it doesnt go away throughout the pregnancy. Fingers crossed its just your skin stretching.

Hilary said...

Thanks Kerry, it was a shame we couldn't catch up on Saturday, but I'm sure you were having a great time anyway!

The thongs were a great idea Valley Girl, made it much easier to do the "Nutbush" in!

Its a scary moment Shar, thats for sure. I've heard that its fairly common for it to take a few seconds to find the heart rate, so at least I'll be prepared for next time!

Hi Jodie, hope I can avoid the itchy feet! Its not pleasant is it?!!

Thanks Rebecca, I love having those photos to look back on!

Thanks for the info Racheal. I looked into PUPPS, and it seems to be a very extreme rash. I dont have any kind of rash so I'm hoping mine is just itchy skin. Also mine seems to be only chest and belly, both areas that are growing! (fingers crossed I dont get PUPPS!!)

Hilary xx