Friday, July 31, 2009

Photo update

We had our 19 week scan on Wednesday, and I was relieved to hear that everything is where it should be! Tic tac has 2 arms and legs, both the right length, got to see the heart with 4 chambers pumping away correctly, kidneys are there and working fine, head is the right shape etc - so its all good! It took a long time - about 45 minutes all up. Most of it was diagnostic stuff, so it was really hard to recognise what you were looking at without the sonographer explaining as he went. We only got a few good looks at tic tac's face - here is one of the 3D images of its face:

It was also cool to see the hands - in the pic on the right you can see a little fist with its thumb stuck out! Nice to see all the bones too :)

And the feet:

Also, here are a few progress shots of the tic tac belly - this is at 14 weeks, when I could still just about do up the button of my work pants:
This is at 16 weeks -
And now at 19 weeks. Doesn't look to be much difference between 16 and 19 weeks, but I can feel it! At home I'm living in my Lorna Jane Flash Dance pants (I'm glad I've got a few pairs now!) and with my work pants the zipper is now halfway unzipped. Belly bands have become my best friend :)

This photo was taken a few weeks ago, I thought it was funny. We bought this mattress for Shavez (the big one) because he's a bit old and arthritic these days (especially in winter) and the vet suggested he needed something thicker to sleep on to keep the cold away. So we got him this mattress and put a thinner foam over the top. I just thought this was a classic - Shavez is huddled on the smallest strip on thin foam, while little miss Elke (young and fit and healthy!) is stretched out like a queen on the big mattress!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Shar said...

Hey Hilary
What amazing pictures!! Did you find out the sex?

I love reading your blog as it reminds me whats to come for us!! :)

You look absolutely fab, your pics are great, we are starting mine this week now that I have a bump.

Keep us updated.
Shar x

Alicia said...

Oh what cute pics! And to echo Shar, did you find out what bubs is?

I'm stocking up on preggo clothes this weekend - my sis had her bub a week ago and has loads of clothes for me :)

If you can, have a look at Target for baby stuff while they have the big sale on. I picked up a stroller and carseat last week

Kerry W said...

It must be so exciting to see tic-tac and hear his/her little heart beat. It makes it so're making a little person! Looking good too Hilary, BTW. :-)

Kristy said...

Beautiful photos Hilary. I am surprised how clear the photo is of its face.

You are looking great and healthy too Hilary :)

Raechelle said...

Thanks for sharing Hilary! Love the dog pic...yeah-total classic!

KRISTIN said...

Awesome to hear it's all going well Hils... love the progress photos too! How exciting!

Valley Girl said...

How exciting Hilary, & what geogeous pictures, absolute precious!

You are looking fantastic...

VG x

Hilary said...

Thanks Shar, they are cool pics huh? No we didn't find out what we are having, we thought it might be a nice surprise for us! We dont particularly care either way, but OH is convinced its a girl (mostly because he's really keen to have a boy!)

Thanks Alicia! Wow, you are organised, I've only bought small stuff so far - but we are trying to sell our house so will leave the major purchases until we know where we're going to be living!

It is exciting Kerry, and I have to say its a very strange feeling knowing that you've got a little person growing inside you!!

Thanks Kristy!

Yeah its a cute pic of the dogs Raechelle, we love our pooches!!

Thanks Kristin! I'm still feeling like I dont have much of a bump, I'm sure I wont feel like that for long though!

Thank you VG!

Hilary xx

linda said...

It never ceases to amaze me how miraculous childbirth is- looks great!!

Chelle said...

Hi Hilary,

You look fantastic, alot better than i looked at 19 weeks!! LOL. I put on lots or weight!!

Just going back to one of your earlier blogs, i found a baby seat thing called a bumbo it has a tray aswell fantastic for when yur bub is about 3 months old!! Also for when they are young and not moving much just lieing on there backs, they are mat things with things hanging down from them that the baby can look at and reach for sorry i cannot think of what they are called!! Silly me but they are everywhere. Also cot bumpers are fantastis they are made from the breathe safe material to prevent sids, they stop the baby from putting there legs and arms through the railings and from hitting there little heads. Also a bassinet was great for when they are timy as they can be on your room with tou while they are only little so you can hear them breathe ect, as you will be quite paranoid about that sort of thing, also a monitor that has a plate that goes under the babes matress and it sensors all movements ect and will alarm you if the baby stops breathing for more than 30 secs these are great for when they are tiny, i think they come with two plates now one for each end of cot which is handy for when they get older and start moving as the two mats will siltt sensor, when i got mine opnly come with one and when chloe got older she would move up the other end of cot and it would go and give us a heart attack!!! But it was only because she was not on it enough!!! LOl
Just a few things i found useful.


SeLiNa said...

Wow, it looks like a baby! ;)
My sis is 6 months now and just had another 3D scan last week... it looks alien-like!! She cracked up laughing at my face when I saw it.
It is kicking now, and likes to play games :) How exciting you've got all that to come yet!!
Hope u keep staying well and healthy :)

And lol to your puppies!!

SeLiNa said...
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Hilary said...

I know its amazing isn't it Linda?? I still cant believe it myself.

Thanks so much for the tips Chelle, I've got a few of those items on my list, which keeps growing every week!!

Its definitely exciting Selina, with many more "firsts" still to come - cant wait!

Hilary xx

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