Monday, August 10, 2009

Busy week

We had such a busy week (and weekend), mostly due to the fact that we have finally put our house on the market! I know, I know, not a great time right?? Apparently houses are still selling quite well in our area, so we will wait and see. Also, being 21 weeks pregnant means that we have a deadline, so if nothing happens then we will stay right here. But it also means keeping the house spotless, which sucks (I'm not really the tidiest person around!!)

I have had a crappy fortnight at work, with customers really starting to do my head in. I work in the building industry, and I've really just about had enough. Bring on maternity leave! Only 15 weeks to go until I can stop work for a while and hopefully have a few weeks of "me" time before tic tac arrives (thats when the HARD work begins!)

I had a few moments last week where I was in such a bad mood, I just really wanted a glass of wine. GAH! Bloody pregnancy! I had a lemon, lime and bitters in a wine glass and pretended it was the real thing.

Had THREE gym sessions last week (go me!) and felt great. Did another cycle class on Thursday morning - it was a different instructor and he did this weird hover-thing, except that you put all your body weight forward so that your knees are scraping the sides of the bike. My knees didn't like that at all, and hurt for 2 days afterwards. Think I might skip that part if he is there this week.

Starting to get paranoid because people keep telling me that my bump is so small, and asking if there is actually anything in there. I keep thinking "so should I be bigger?? Does this mean that tic tac isn't growing enough??" Drives you mental. I just keep thinking back to my 19 week scan which showed that tic tac is the right length compared to weeks...

Last Thursday was Elke's 6th birthday. Elke is our border collie X Keeshond. She got a new frisbee and lots of play and cuddles (she's on a diet, so no birthday dinner!) I found these pictures of her when she was just a few weeks old, so I thought I'd share them... she was about the same size as Connor the cat here!! (She's now about 20kgs!)

Anyway, I'm having my Ekka public holiday today, so I'd better go and get stuff done I guess! Have a great week everyone!


Kristy said...

Elka in the first photo looks like a teddy bear or black koala bear. So cute :P

You are very busy, wow.

jodie said...

just ignore the comments about your size... I got comments, geez your small, then geez your big. I honestly didn't know if I was big or small, in the end Logan was the average size baby - 7lb 7. If all your measurements are OK, I would concentrate on that!

Sandra said...

Hang in there, Hilary!
I remember being a very grumpy pregnant chick...I think it's the hormones (good excuse, anyway)
As for the size of Tic Tac, don't listen! Everyone's an expert and loves to offer unwanted advice...I would be guided by the doctors etc.

KRISTIN said...

Sounds like things are stressful Hils... but take each days as it comes! Go YOU for making it to the gym 3 times! Super effort :)

Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Hey Hils, everyone carries differently. Yes you are small atm, but you are also very slender too. You may also have amazing abdominal wall muscles ..........there are many factors. If your scan shows normal growth, be very proud that you are not huge..........I don't think you would like it. I hated it! You look very cute as you are so don't stress it sweets. Oh, I don't like Ryan as a spin instructer, he always does these weird standing hover sprints that hurt your knees, I will not ever do his class again. Bring back Craig!!

Kerry W said...

Hi Hilary

You've probably already found out that everyone has something to say about your pregnancy. If you're feeling good, and the doctor says everythings looking fine, then don't worry yourself unnecessarily. Just make the most of this time, especially when you finish up work. I loved that time because I got to sleep was quiet...and alot of ME time - so enjoy!

Alicia said...

Ah dont stress too much about what everyone else says! Even the Dr at the Mater said I was small for 16 weeks, despite my measurements being spot on and hearing bubs' heart racing along :) Mind you, I felt like I was the size of a house......! Do what Jodie says, just go by your measurements xoxo

Hilary said...

Kristy she totally looked like a panda when she was a pup! So cute!

Thanks Jodie, its so frustrating with everyone throwing their opinions in, isnt it??!

Thanks Sandra, you are right, as long as the doc says its fine, then its nothing to worry about - just very annoying!

I know Kristin, I'm very proud of that effort! How things change eh?

Thanks Doris, I like the theory that I might have really strong abdominal muscles!! LOL!

Kerry I am so looking forward to maternity leave, I am counting the days! I think I'll be doing a bit of extra sleeping too :)

Thanks Alicia, I think because we are both "first timers" that its all a bit strange - so many opinions!

Hilary xx