Sunday, August 16, 2009


I have finally "popped" in the belly department - and I actually look pregnant (well I think so anyway!). Its nice, I'm actually enjoying it! I keep looking at myself side on in the mirror and thinking "OH MY GOD, I'm a pregnant woman!!"

Stupid thing is, now people are saying things like "you're showing so early!" - GAAHGGHHH!! So in some peoples eyes, I'm not big enough, and in others - I'm showing very early - give me strength!

I used to look at pregnant women and wonder why they always rubbed their hands on their bellies, or why they would rest their hand there... and now I find myself doing both of those things. I dont know why, I guess because its just "there"!

For me too its a bit strange, because I never knew what a pregnant belly felt like. Apart from those very brief moments when a friend would let me feel their tums if their baby was kicking - but you still dont know what its going to feel like when its your own. I am surprised that its quite a hard bump actually, I suppose I thought it would feel a bit wobbly, like fat! I go to give hubby a hug, and there is this round, solid "basketball" in the way!

Anyway, other stuff:

We have a contract on our house already!! We actually were under contract the day after we went on the market last weekend. Pretty neat huh? But we're not getting too carried away just yet - its still subject to finance, and builders and pest. When we sold our last place we had the first contract crash due to finance, so I'm holding off on the celebration party for now.

I have been very very stressed this week - me and buying/selling houses is not a good mix. I dont sleep too well. I've actually been getting off to sleep ok, but I keep waking up at 3am and then just dozing lightly until its time to get up (good practice for when tic tac is here).

Yesterday we put a contract on another house, and we are stoked. It still needs a bit of renovations to modernise it a bit, but nothing like the full-scale extension we did on our current house. The things that need doing can be done quickly, before tic tac arrives. The new place is on 1.5 acres - and we've always wanted acreage, so its very exciting. But again, we're trying to contain ourselves because it still revolves around the contract on our place going through, and our own finances coming back ok.

So that's been the main focus of our weekend, finding some place to live. I haven't got any other exciting news, so I will catch you all later!


Debbie said...

Hi Hilary, re: people commenting on your bump, get used to it ;) It seems that as soon as a woman is pregnant, she becomes public property, and everyone has a comment or opinion on EVERYTHING about your pregnancy, then your new baby. I just wanted to share this as it really, really did my head in. Use your pregnancy to develop some good filters as I found it really hard to handle when bub arrived...sleep deprivation combined with hormones made it hard to not doubt myself as a mother when everyone else (including complete strangers) told me what me or my baby should be doing. Deb (friendly lurker)

Kristy said...

My fingers are crossed that all the house stuff works out for you Hilary. I would love a little acreage, that sounds fantastic.

Hilary not sure how I would cope with people giving me advice all the time either. I think it would drive me insane...

Nicole P said...

Wow! That is so exciting about the contract on your house already - congratulations! Need some updated pics of your belly - how cute! are you wearing maternity clothes yet and how many weeks are you now? Nicole xx

Kerry W said...

Nice to hear you're enjoying your pregnancy and proud of your 'belly'. Congrats on your contact too. I hope it all comes to fruition for you Hilary. Sold home...and tic tac to put the icing on the cake!

Kerry W said...

Sorry...I meant..."congrats on your contract" :-)

Sandra said...

Hey Hilary,
You may be pregnant but it's still your pet peeve was when complete strangers wanted to touch my belly...!
I only took on the advice I asked for, everyone's an expert, but they forget how overwhelming it all gets.
Good luck with the house...if the buyers' finance falls through, send them my way ;-)

Lady G said...

Oh, that sounds lovely that your belly is outing you as a "pregnant woman". There are many things I don't look forward to about pregnancy but having a belly (and resting my hands on it!) seems like a nice part of the deal.

Hilary said...

Hi Deb, thanks for stopping by! Isn't it strange how suddenly everyone has an opinion once you're pregnant!

Thanks Kristy, we are keeping our fingers crossed too.

Thanks Nicole! I am 22 weeks now, and just starting to wear maternity clothes - luckily most of my regular clothes still fit, albeit with a belly band to cover the zipper area!

Thank you Kerry - we are trying not to get too excited about the house, but it will be awesome if it all happens!

Sandra I haven't had too many people wanting to pat my belly yet - maybe thats still to come! Not really looking forward to it though!

I totally agree Lady G, I'm totally terrified of the whole giving-birth bit, but feeling tictac move and having a belly is lovely!

Hilary xx