Saturday, August 22, 2009

Another boring update from me...

Finally took out my belly button ring this week – it was starting to get itchy, and wasn’t really inside my navel anymore, it was kinda riding on top of it. My belly button is THIS close to becoming an “outie” – ewwww! I was playing with my belly button the other night – when I push around the edges of it, it kinda squishes out a bit to look like a cats bum LOL! Raised a smile from hubby anyway.

On Friday I got dressed for work and discovered that most of the shirts I have ironed and ready to wear, wont button up without the buttons looking like they are going to burst. So its been a challenge to try to find something to wear to work!

So I discovered a Trade Secret shop this weekend, had a looksee and found that they sold maternity clothes too. Got 2 more maternity bras, and 4 stretchy cotton tops that I can wear for work and weekends - all for a bargain price, yay!

Yesterday morning hubby finally felt tictac kicking for the first time! I was so happy (and so was he) because I think he'd been feeling a bit left out of the whole process, it was like tictac and I had this "secret" thing going on, and everytime I'd say "quick, its kicking!!" - it would stop - little bugger!

I'm feeling completely knackered today. Last night after hubby went to bed, I stayed up to watch The Notebook... have you seen it? The last time I watched it (years ago) I ended up a complete blubbering mess, and last night was no exception. I think I used about half a box of tissues! So there I was at midnight last night, sobbing over this lovely movie... with a packet of Lindor chocolate, and my cat on my lap to comfort me... only problem is that today I have really puffy, sore eyes from all the crying! Silly pregnant woman...

Anyway, enough boring ramblings from me. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Pip said...

How exciting for you and your hubby feeling the kicking! It's all getting so close, enjoy each moment I guess, (not that I've been in your position yet!) I've been reading your blog with interest!

All the best with everything Hils!

Pip :-)

Alicia said...

I'm hearing you about the work shirts! I've resorted to wearing wrap dresses I've bought in a size bigger than normal. Seems to work for now :) You have to feel a little sorry for our hubbies, they're a little bit left out until they can feel bubs kicking. I've been feeling movement for a good week now, but poor Damien cant feel a thing :( xoxo

Kerry W said...

Hey Hilary

Not a boring post at all. Got some giggles. You telling about tic-tac kicking and telling hubby, brought back memories of my pregnancy. Same thing happened in the early days...AW would rush over, and it's like nothing even happened. Just wait until tic-tac is in full swing...I remember one day we watched Phil up to her usual movements. It was like from the movie Alien - I thought she was trying to get out, she stretched me so much. It was so funny (and weird)!

Oh...the Notebook! Great movie, and what a perfect way to take it in. Even if you are emotional - hey - that's a pregnant woman's prerogative. :-)

Sandra said...

Love that movie, Hilary...sooo sad...what a wonderful love story.
Have you seen The Bridges of Maddison County? I have to watch it alone because honestly, I sob out loud every being a girl ;-)