Friday, July 03, 2009


Well I'm still here and plodding along nicely, 15 weeks pregnant now, only 25 weeks to go! It sounds like forever, but I know it will come around fast.

For the last week and a half I've had to undo the top bottom of my work pants, as I'm just starting to have a little "pooch" and its getting uncomfortable otherwise. I went a bought a belly-belt thingo, but its a bit early yet to start using it. The pants are a size 10, hopefully they'll fit for a bit longer yet.

I'm also finding that a lot of my work shirts, and casual singlets aren't long enough to cover the fact that my button is undone.

The other day in the office my mobile phone rang on the other side of the room and I ran to get it - bad idea - SORE BOOBS! So I kept running while holding onto them LOL...

Its also a bit difficult in that I'm out on the road a lot with my job - and finding toilets. Its like I need to go every hour. On Tuesday I did one of my regular drives - to Toowoomba, then to Warwick, then home - you have to plan your toilet stops VERY carefully!

I'm finding my gym sessions a bit boring, there is only so much you can do whilst keeping your heart rate in the lower range. I did two weights sessions this week, but I cant say I'm really enjoying it much. From the second trimester on, the recommendation is that you try not to do any resistance training while standing, because your sense of balance and your centre of gravity changes. I'm using a lot more machines than I used to. Its all very interesting, but frustrating at the same time!

Anyway, nothing thrilling to report. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


Kerry W said...

It goes fast until the last couple of months, and then it's like you're in a time warp, and all you can say is..."GET IT OUT OF ME!"

Glad to hear you're so happy!

Rebecca said...

The next 25 weeks will go so fast. But the last month will go sloooow..... The bigger you get, the more that time seems to stop. It is a journey though :)

You made me laugh when you mentioned the toilet stops, I remember that! Having to pee every 5 seconds. Lol!

I am so happy everything is going well :) And your wedding pics are gorgeous.

xox Rebecca

Andrea said...

I agree with Rebecca, the last month goes very slowly! By the time I was 15 weeks my work pants well and truly didn't fit any more.

You simply cannot fathom just how bg you will get Hils - but don't worry - you bounce right back again!


Valley Girl said...

Im glad everythings going along smoothly & enjoy every step of this amazing journey!

It will fly!
& your little bundle will be here to say hi very quickly...